I watched this movie and although I didn’t think it was great by any means, I kind of enjoyed it.  Netflix is my go-to company for movies that either didn’t last long in theaters or never made it there in the first place. 

This movie deals with a group of geologists in Antarctica and how a U.S. Marshall, played by Kate Beckinsale, reacts after a string of murders have taken place.  The murders occur because a group of geologist find a box filled with something that could make them all wealthy.  As people are killed, it is up to Beckinsale’s character, along with Gabriel Macht’s, to get to the bottom of who is behind the first ever murder spree in Antarctica.

The supporting cast of Tom Skerritt, Columbus Short and Alex O’Laughlin did a respectable job.  It’s always a bonus to see Skerritt in a film.  Some of the special effects are well done, whereas others look as though it was done by an amateur.  The only character with any back story is Beckinsale’s.  It would have been nice to see some of the other characters fleshed out a bit more.  It was an easy movie to watch for an hour and a half, nothing too memorable though.

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