Valentine’s Day

Let’s get the big problem with this movie out of the way first: too many actors!  Okay, yes, this has been an issue with just about every person who has talked about this film for the last few months, but it really does border on ridiculous.  Did Garry Marshall think this movie wouldn’t be successful with only say 5-10 actors?

The movie’s title is fairly self-explanatory in terms of what the movie is about.  But to take it a bit further, the film focuses on a variety of couples, families and strangers as they interact on that most famous of Hallmark holidays.  Some of the couples didn’t really work for me.  I will say though that if a director could make a film that is centered on only one of the many pairings in this movie, there would be some great chemistry.

I thought Jessica Biel kind of rocked it in the movie.  She hasn’t been able to break through in any of her other roles, but this may be a big push for her in the Hollywood world.  I love how Marshall uses many of his former stars in his films (ex. Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Hector Elizondo, Larry Miller).  I feel like it’s a subtle little wink to the viewers who’ve seen Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride or The Princess Diaries.

I actually really liked the ending of the movie.  There is a big surprise that caught the whole theater off guard; it was a doozy!  I did predict a few of the endings about half way through, though that isn’t all that uncommon for me.  Marshall also threw in a great clip that ran during the ending credits. 

Overall, I’d say it’s a cute movie.  There isn’t much in substance, but you have a good chance to see your favorite actors or actresses together given the sheer size of the cast!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. I definitely agree that the size of the cast got out of hand. When there are so many plots to follow, I tend to forget the little details of character development that could make a movie like this great. That aside, I think everyone gave stellar performances, even if it was only to deliver a few lines.

  2. I totally agree that the little details fall by the wayside when there is so much to keep up with. Eventually, I’ll watch the movie again and be able to pick out those small details that make each character stand out.

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