Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror Hostel: Part III-Review

Hostel: Part III-Review

             Four friends having a fantastic bachelor weekend in Vegas turn into their worst nightmare as one-by-one they are taken for the enjoyment viewing of the rich society in a game of torture and death. Will anyone make it out alive?  


Well, I think the director, writers and everyone else that were part of the film just ran out of good ideas or ideas in general to create nice spine-tingling gory scenes, which is the premise of the movie. I must say, I was highly disappointed that the gore was weak, it happened too fast, and most the time when the blood would squirt the worst, the camera would look to the ceiling or some other object. I don’t want to see the ceiling, I want to see the pain inflicted associated with the cries, which is what made Hostel I and II work. That lost a lot of points with me. It also took too long to get to the screaming death scenes because the camera kept zooming in the lens on random dancers’ or servers’ bare butt and open breasts. The only part that I liked a little was the switch at the beginning when the American looked to be in danger of the mysterious Europeans when in fact the American is the one doing the capturing. The script was bad as in characters would linger over their lines or actions. For instance, we all know the routine; someone is strapped to a chair while another person stands over them to starting the slow killing. The torturer in this film would play stupid mind games like he can’t make up his mind as several times he would pick an instrument, walk over to the victim and about to use it but stops and backs away to get something else like a light bulb switched on. Once was boring, more than that was just annoying. His acting was also horrible during these attempts. I like Hostel part I and II but I hope it dies at III. All in all, boring film and I will never see it again.

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