Sadly, this review may not be as informative as I’d like, simply because I can’t say that I understood what was going on in this movie. 

I am not a science fiction lover by nature, but I’m always willing to see new things.  The movie began with Ben Foster’s character, Bower, in a transportation tube of sorts, who awakes disoriented on a ship.  His skin appears to be wrinkled, but not from old age.  Soon after, Payton, played by Dennis Quaid, awakes to the same set of surroundings and circumstances.

After they converse for the first time, they realize that they are not where they thought they would be and can’t find a way to get out.  Bower soon begins a dangerous trek through the ship to find answers as to why they are there and hopefully find others like them.  Through his journey he encounters three other people, who appear to have been on the ship much longer than Bower wants to know about.  He also comes across a large group of alien-type creatures who are determined to get rid of him and his new found “friends.”

After finding what he needs, he finally makes his way back to the area where Payton is awaiting his return.  Only now, Payton is not who he seemed to be and that’s where Cam Gigandet’s character comes in.  Gigandet was seen in the beginning of the film, but somehow it seemed as though his character and Quaid’s were the same.   Foster’s character and others managed to escape at the end, into what appears to be a new world of some kind. 

Like I said at the beginning of this review, I have no idea what this movie is really about.  I’ve watched movies that I didn’t understand before, but I still found them enjoyable.  When this ended, I couldn’t believe I had sat through the whole thing.  I don’t recommend this film, but maybe it just went over my head and others will understand it and find it entertaining.  I doubt it though.

7 thoughts on “Pandorum”

  1. I liked Pandorum a lot.
    Ben Foster is one of my favorite actors so I will pretty much see anything he is in. With his track record it’s almost guaranteed to be great.
    I was pretty confused but I started understanding little by little as the film went on. But, I am a sci-fi thriller type of girl.
    I was in awe of the end of the film. The very last 10 minutes were just amazing.

  2. I think that the last half of the movie was very good, whereas the first half (besides the very beginning introduction) was very badly timed and a little bit confusing. A generally good movie, though.

  3. ‘Pandorum’ was a really good film. I enjoyed it. I am Dennis Quaid fan and even though he wasn’t as good as Sam Neill in ‘Event Horizon’ I still thought that they did well. Was confusing but I kept up with it. Could of been better yes but for what it was… it was good =)

  4. I thought that it was really good, the twist was interesting, and the movie didn’t slow down, it kept going at the same pace and allowed the viewer to go on the rollercoaster ride with them.

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