I’ve been watching a string of bad movies lately and this can be added to that list.  The premise is intriguing, but the delivery was terrible.

Surrogates is about a future world where everyone has another form of themselves, called a Surrogate.  The Surrogates look just like their actual human self, but are robotic.  The human must stay at home in a chair, hooked up to wires that connect to their head and eyes.  If they take the wired head-piece off, their surrogate stops dead in their tracks as if they were turned off.

Bruce Willis plays Greer, a FBI agent who is in charge of finding out why there has been a rash of Surrogate murders.  Greer’s Surrogate is absolutely ridiculous looking.  Willis wears a blonde toupee for that character and not only does it look fake, it just looks plain silly.

As Greer tracks down who is responsible for the murders, he realizes that the people he works for may have had a hand in what has been taking place.  Greer is then determined to rid the world of Surrogates all together. 

This film is supposed to show what life could be like if we had the opportunity to have someone live our lives for us.  Would it be helpful?  Would we be happier?  The end conclusion is no.  The robots are just that, robots.  Some of the action sequences and effects are poorly done and the film is more of a puppet show than anything else.  The supporting cast does nothing to help this film and Ving Rhames in particular is laughable in his role.

I don’t recommend seeing this film.  I’m not sure what Willis was thinking when he took this project on.  I’d say the most entertaining thing to see in the film is when a robot/Surrogate gets shot and you get to see what oozes out of them.  Otherwise, it’s pretty much a joke.

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