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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

In 2008’s “visual CD album”, Michael Cera (Superbad, Youth in Rebellion) and Kat Jennings (40yr Old Virgin) are two high school seniors who come in contact with each other through a chance meeting in “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”.  Norah (Kat) asks Nick (Michael) out of depseration to pretend to be her boyfriend for five minutes in order to impress a rival.  Only problem is, unknowingly to Norah, that same rival happens to be Nick’s very recent ex-girlfriend, Tris (Alexis Dziena).  That kicks off a night to remember that showcases late night NewYork City in all its glory which gives visual definition to why it’s called “the city that never sleeps”. 

The title of the film says it all when it comes to the soundtrack.  Alternative, punk rock, and a little pop powers this movie from beginning to end with a seemingly endless list of tracks from many aritsts, known and from the underground genre.  So it seems fitting that Nick is in a drummer-less band of his own trying to find their own identity.  As the film goes on, the two teens and their friends decide to go on a scavenger hunt to find the secret venue of their favortite band in history, “Fluffy”.  Along the way, they lose one of Norah’s friends, and get to know each other while trying to find her.  Norah is struggling with hope that there might be able to be something between them and the fact that Nick is still hung up on his ex Tris because he keeps asking Norah questions about what she’s been doing since they broke up.  The music contained in the film seems to will them towards each other discovering that they have many of the same musical likes.  Obstacles throughout the late night and early morning that they encounter add to the comedy aspect of the film, along with some of Michael Cera’s trademark dialogue makes this movie different from other romantic comedies. 

With a simple and understandable storyline that all of us can relate to on some level, “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” will keep you watching until the end and for us guys, not feel like we’re stuck in another endless chickflick that takes place in New York.  I personally give this movie “4 used pieces of chewing gum out of 5”.  (Watch the movie and you’ll understand what I mean) “You don’t have to yell. It’s not a train station. We’re in a tiny car”

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