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Not Blind Sided… Everything I Expected and More!

As far as the generic true story goes, the Blind Side did it’s duty.  To tell the true events that occured in Michael Oher’s life before being picked up first draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

Big Mike (Newcomer Quentin Aaron) is accepted at a predominant white christian school thanks to the help of a friend, who is trying to get his son in as well.  Big Mike is quite quiet and his grades, well…  he’s basically an introvert and with his past life, I really wouldn’t blame him.  Underneath it all though however, this kid has learned to survive the rough and is no dummy in life!

One evening after watching their daughter’s volleyball game at the High School, Leigh Ann (Sandra Bullock in definitely one of the best performances of this year, I think she has that Academy in the bag) spots Michael as he walking back from the laundry mat to the gym, where he has been  crashing, with nothinig but shorts and t-shirt on.  She insists he stays at their place for the night…  and I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story from there, even if you know nothing about the story!

The performances were (I thought) wonderful.  Tim McGraw does a great job (I actually didn’t recognize him at first without his facial hair!) as the loving hubby, Kathy Bates is nothing short of AMAZING as Sue, Michael’s liberal tutor.  This movie was quite well cast. 

There are times in this movie when I feel like I’m watching ‘Remeber the Titans’, which as irony would have it, is directed by the same person, John Lee Hancock (which I actually didn’t know while watching it).  However I did find the flow of the movie and the pace both well done.

This movie is exactly what I expected it to be!  A nice, heartwarming, tear jerker about what happens when people just open their hearts and help someone along when that person has no one else to turn to.  I still think it’s worth a watch…  Go Sandy!  It’s your year baby!!   

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