“Chocolat” is a deliciously wonderful movie, staring the likes of Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche.  Directed by Lasse Hallstrom and produced by Leslie Halleran, “Chocolat” is the movie you watch while enjoying your favorite chocolate treat.

The film describes this small town in France that specializes in being tranquil and being an active Catholic, attending Mass every Sunday and participating in confession and lent. The people of this town had their routine, their way of life, never expecting anything to change that.  One Sunday, during Church, a strong wind blows quite a surprise into town and changes their perspectives on life forever. Vianne (Binoche) opens a chocolate shop, making and selling the most wonderful variety of chocolate treats you could ever imagine. The mayor (Count) of this small French town is not happy with the woman who opens a chocolate shop in the middle of lent and he tries his best to make Vienne and her young daughter feel unwelcome.

Although the mayor is worried about the influence Vianne is having on his people, there are other things that get in the way of his tranquility.  A band of “river rats” floats to the rivers edge just looking for a place to temorarily call home. Roux (Depp) is the capton of this unfortuate group of people who are discouraged when no one will provide them with food or drink.  Even the small children could not catch a break. It is the birthday party of an old woman that brings some of the more accepting towns people together with Vianne and Roux, enjoying a wonderful meal with chocolate being a part of almost every dish. Following the meal, they all have a party on Roux’s boat including dessert and dancing in the moonlight, the adults and children alike had a wonderful time.  Although this get-together upsets a lot of people and causes her problems here and there, Vienne is still determined to make this town her home and is not willing to give up.

The direction of this movie was good, however, the chocolate is what held everything together. Seeing the different effects it had on different people was fun and makes you realize it is the small things in life that make it wonderful.  You will realize that something as simple as enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate can make your day all that much better!

The performance by Juliette Binoche (Vianne) was amazing.  Vianne was a very strong woman who was not discouraged by the fact that almost everyone in town was hoping she would fail and leave town and having them tell her she was not raising her daughter that way she should. That alone would make most woman feel very discouraged.  Also Johnny Depp (Roux) adds this movie to his list of movies he can be proudy to have been a part of.

I would highly recommend this movie to all who wish to enjoy an encouraging movie showing a mixure of a little romance and a lot of friendship. It is one of my personal favorites and never fails to make me crave my favorite chocolate treat.

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  1. I would recommend reading the book before seeing the film. I thought the book was wonderful and couldn’t wait to see the film, but was sadly disappointed. I thought the narrative moved very slowly and the whole film wasn’t very exciting, and a lot of things had been changed for seemingly no reason.

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