My Bloody Valentine 3D

My Bloody Valentine 3D stars Jensen Ackles from the TV show Supernatural and Jaime King from the movie Sin City. Ackles Plays Tom Hanniger who returns to his childhood home town  after the 10 year anniversiy of the towns valentines day massacure, which killed 22 people.Tom’s Ex-girlfriend played by King seems to be the only one to stand by him when people start showing up dead. The whispers from towns people begin to think the miner who supposedly killed the towns people 10 years ago is back for Tom.

With out Comparing it to the other 2 movies, I give this a solid 3 stars out of 5. I really like the whole 3d concept. However the acting and B movie quality, Makes this movie watchable but not on a good movie list.So if you decide to watch this movie a few other titles that are similar to this are Hatchet, Prom Night (2008) and I know what you did last summer.

3 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine 3D”

  1. this movie was not worth the time or the money spent at the theater, would not even buy the bootleg..really was predictable for me ..wish they would make a horror that is actually a horror

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