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Rhyming review for ‘Paranormal Activity 3’

In ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ you’ll see more of the same from versions one and two

For one family, in their house, things are happening mysteriously without a clue


This one is a prequel and shows how it all started for each of the other’s story

Like the other two movies, this has just scares and creepiness with nothing gory


Also like the others, the action is filmed with cameras, placed around the house

The camera is recording all the time, filming the kids, the husband and the spouse


With strange sounds and doors opening and closing the family is a bit frightened

The youngest daughter’s imaginary friend makes the tension heightened


As more and more happens within the house, the family tries to discover the cause

They don’t know why it’s going on but they keep investigating without giving pause


None of the actors are recognizable names which adds to the film’s real feel

The film has a very short running time so your valuable time it doesn’t steal


This film might be worth watching, probably only if this franchise is new to you

If you’ve seen the others then I’d say you won’t be happy if you give this one a view

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