V for Vendetta

From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy Comes V for Vendetta. V for Vendetta stars: Natalie Portman(Evey), Hugo Weaving(V), Stephen Rea(Inspector Finch), and John Hurt(Adam Sutler). Set in future England this action, drama will blow your socks off.

Adam Sutler ,now the leader of England, won the V is trying to change England for the better. Evey gets caught up with V and is wanted for helping a Terrorist. The Detective is trying to stop V.

Evey is a working class girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time. She meets V after he saves her from being raped by the Finger Men a.k.a. the police but not police. She then accompanies V as he blows up the Old Bailey.

Inspector Finch must deal with issues of right or wrong. He has to try and stop V he is a cop, but he realizes what Adam Sutler has done. So he beings to deal with personal feelings and issues over everything.

I think this is a great movie. The acting in this movie is some of the best I have seen in years. The movie is not drowned down with action scenes like in most action movies. There is a believable story line about what can happen when the government has to much control. If you have not seen it, go see it. It is a good movie.

9 thoughts on “V for Vendetta”

  1. Not to be rude but how is it a believable story line, V takes about 50 shots of bullets and the setting is a futuristic tyrancy the story line is unbelievable, like the Matrix, which is what makes it so good.

  2. I was not saying the whole movie had a believabe story line I said: There is a believable story line about “what can happen when the government has to much control.” and the Matrix movies were bad.

  3. I was a bit bored with all of the “talking heads” of Vendetta…seemed to be a lot of scenes with the old men just looking at the other old man’s head on a screen and other assorted yik-yak that seemed to want to beat a message of revolution into me, yet it didn’t need to be so beaten or redundant since I could already predict the happenings of the film and understood the concept driving thing….ha ha I enjoyed the V character from the start, though he lost his riddley charm for me along the way and I was craving more action saturated throughout.

    Not really my cup of tea, but thanks for sharing your views!

  4. This is an unbelievable movie and perhaps one of the best comic book adaptations that has come out in the past ten years. Vendetta’s story line is obvious about a tyrannical British goverment that has become so power hungry and controlling that the nation in which it protects has become unruly. Over time the feelings that the citizens suppress out of fear of punishment or even death rise hotter and hotter until they reach a boiling point. That boiling point explodes onto the screen in the form of V’s attacks in his personal vendetta and in the form of society’s rebellion against it’s facist dictator (played by John Hurt, who I subsequently cant stop picturing an alien bursting out of his chest). Anyway, the obvious plot portrayed by a British nation also has underlying meanings and implications of our own (United States) government. Great movie, worth watching numerous times and analyzing for your own take on the message.

  5. I’m surprised this film has so many die-hard fans. I was less than impressed and felt, like Wes Laurie, that certain politics were being beaten into my skull.

    It was not a bad film, just not the amazing creation this review conjures it up to be.

    Then again, that’s just my opinion :)

  6. I am interested in the reasons that people liked this movie. I thought it was dull and in fact it couldn’t keep my attention and I had to rewind it a couple of times to keep track with what I had just watched. Honestly, the visuals in the movie were interesting at timesd, but that wasn’t enough to keep me interested in teh actual plotline.

  7. I think the reason many people (such as myself) liked it was because though it was really political it kind of related to my govornment (sp?) and that of a few others (just not in such extremes). Though it didn’t have a very believable story line it still gave a lot of history to the movie itself and you really had to watch every moment to get it at all.

    I particuly (sp?) liked v’s careless attitude towards it all, and evey’s quite scared jittery attitude. Also how smart they made V seem. All up i thought it was a good movie and can’t get enough of it.

    I say watch it carefully (especially the flashbacks) and make sure you’re not distracted, it might help build interest.

  8. i am sorry i think anyone who doesnt like this movie has no right to be a movie critic. simply because the movie was flat out amazing, i have talken to many friends and teachers about the film. everyone loved it except those who have no attention span and can only watch either straight violence and gun fights or hilarious comedies. V for Vendetta was something entirley different. it was not a great movie because the fight scenes it was a great movie simply because the idea. the writer of the film simply did an amazing job

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