I have heard about this film for some time, but I’ve never had a chance to watch it until yesterday. The Butterfly Effect stars Ashton Kuthcher and Amy Smart. The film is set in present day, and is a drama film.

So the plot of this story is about college student Evan Treborn, played by Ashton Kutcher, who suffered from severe memory loss as a kid. Through the years he’s kept journals of his blackouts and personal thoughts to help him remember things. Evan notices that he can jump into any point in time on his journal entries and alter the events of the past and present. THe main point for doing this in the film is to reconcile his relationship with Kayleigh Miller, who is played by Amy Smart. Evan notices that things tend go good for a while until things spin out of control. He realizes that he can’t change who someone is without destroying who they were. Aside form that, Evan comes to find out that all these new memories in place of old ones are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on his brain and affecting his mental and physical health. He finds that altering the past with Kayleigh lands him in prison and is forced to make new memories to get out of prison. By doing this erases all previous memories of the previous friendship and enters new ones into his brain leaving Evan and Kayleighs relationship in termoil. He realizes what he needs to do in order to make everything even again, and takes a huge risk.

A huge aspect of this film was the acting. I personally was never a fan of Ashton Kutcher, but watching this film changed my outlook. He really delivers in his performance as Evan Treborn. I noticed that Ashton really dug deep to get into the mind of this character. He also proves that he can more than just comedy, which to me, is very important in the film industry. This is one of the performances he’s done so far I think.

Another aspect of this film is the story. I think in order to have a good film, you need a great story, and this movie definitely has it. The writers really took the time and effort to make this story come true on the big screen. Some parts of this film were confusing at first, bu tonce the film goes on and the story evolves, everything fits into place and makes sense.

I was greatly impressed by this film and recommend it to everyone. It’s one of thos movies where you have to think and pay attention while you’re watching it. If you’re a fan of drama and independent films, then this film is very good for you.