Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Sci-Fi Underworld:Awakening-Review


            The world knows about Lycans and vampires and declares their abilities to be a disease. With the military and government for support, they begin to search and kill both species. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is fighting for her life and her love, Michael, but the force of an explosion separates them and puts them unconscious. Twelve years later, Selene has been held captive at a research facility. All records of Lycan and vampire are extinct. Selene sees random images through someone else’s eyes and finds out that that person is named Eve (India Eisley). Eve is a lab child and the facility plan to capture her after her escape. Selene must not only look for Michael but protect an orphaned child. Will Selene find Michael? Is Eve more dangerous than the two species?   


            I’m on the fence with this film. I’ll start with parts that I liked: Eve’s hybrid transformation, the make-up is great. She looked like a modern day demon-possessed girl from the Exorcist. The killings were pretty cool. They were fast and lethal, leaving no prisoners or showing mercy. Action movies with slow-motion scenes are a thing of the past, the faster the better. I liked the twist at the end when I found out who the research scientists really were and no, I will not give it away. The special effects were fun to watch showing more detail in the Lycans transformation and again in their fill form. What I didn’t like: the story. I was often confused. I kept asking one question over and over because the actors would give explanations with their facial expressions and I was still lost. The story just seemed thrown together. I didn’t buy that Michael was her one true love and life on Earth will end if they are not together. I think Michael should have been killed off and never spoken about again. How can a hybrid of Lycan and vampire blood only hiss like a kitty when he changes? He’s not tough or brave; he just pulls back his blue wimpy lips and hisses. Such a waste because that new species have potential to be invincible. I didn’t like that they made a part four; part two was bad enough, please don’t make a five. All in all, the film is okay to watch when you are bored and have nothing else to do and is falling asleep, other than that, I will never view this film again.

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