Priest (2011)

The best part comes with the slow motions during the plus signed metal blades flying and attacking vampires and tearing them up into pieces. The CGI was effective and visuals were enough to give the adrenaline rush. But the scene was so short and even defying laws of physics the score was not pumping.  The worst part is when the vows are repeated again and again lengthening the dialogue. Where is the editing department go now. Are they searching for another effective dialogue? and finally thanks for the director to take a careless casting. Priest is directed by Scott Stewart written by Cory Goodman based on graphic novel series by Min Hoo Yung. It is distributed and presented by Sony Entertainment. According to me I had slight happiness when the visuals worked, but very much disappointed when the actors are just tasting a rotten orange with disgust faces. It was not worth the shot.

The plot is all about vampires. We see priests are new superheroes who can kill vampires. There are some people who reject the existence of vampires. One Priest (Paul Bettany) goes against their vow and struggles to save his niece Lucy (Lily Collins) from the deadly vampires. He finds Hicks (Cam Giganet) who actually loves Lucy. Now in his journey he meets a fate that can make him weak than ever. According to me this plot is simple enough to be ended down somewhere around 60 minute mark. But the plot was dragging and extended up to 80 minutes.  The beginning gave me lot of interest but the ending was regular. Who cares for the slow motions and long bike sequences in the road displaying nitro boost. Is this a race movie? I am surely disappointed with this. The plot never looked challenging. The scenes were slow and dialogues weren’t hard to digest.

Paul Bettany never looked a priest with that rough look. He was more looking like a vampire. His expressions were not having the best that can catch the viewer’s eyes. Even the Transformers boy or Final Destination boys can do much better than him. Paul looked more intricate and subdued in his performance. His dialogues had the momentum but fails because of poor eye expressions. He did some action scenes that lacked laws of physics and also his own laws of acting. For example when the blades missed the vampires he could try something better than looking extremely disgusting saying to himself Oh My God why I missed that. Remember he is against god. May be that will be the reason. Maggie Q was simply capable enough to perform as the priestess. She had an important scene in the movie where she hands over her blade to the priest and asks him to do the job for her. She tried harder to act in there but the camera was more shifting towards Paul. Bad luck Q. She did express her emotions well than her co star. My question is when one could act so well why can’t the director give her more screen time? Karl urban did look good as the human vampire. He had a small role and did perfectly what he needed to do with his sharp teeth and scary eyes. Lily Collins was just shouting and struggled hard to express herself before her father. They were no any touching dialogues in those scenes. Cam Giganet plays the love interest of Lucy and he wants to do it alone. He comes to know a truth and hides the gun when he was supposed to shoot the priest. Common Mr. Giganet you could do much better than that.

 My word: Priest is neither interesting nor scary except for certain fast paced vampire attacks and slow motioned action scenes.  I break the vow of watching vampire movies. I give a grade of D and score of 1.5/4 

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