The third installment of getting the crap scared out of you saturates the big screens yet again. Wedding filmmaker, Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith) has taken another step in a fresh relationship with Julie (Lauren Bittner) and her two daughters, Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) by moving into a new house. Dennis begins capturing fun and family moments but then begins to hear weird noises and sees strange figures around the house. He begins an investigation to see if it is the supernatural haunting him and his new family. Are they in danger? Are the spirits haunting after the children? Will Dennis die like Mica from part one when he discovers too much? 

Review:            Well, when I first heard that they were making a part three, my first thought was, “Oh, come on, another one? Really?” I loved part one and was on the fence with part two because it just looked more Hollywood then a real documentary, so I didn’t rush to the theaters to view the third movie. I waited to rent it. Well, this film does have the same repetition as the other two, creepy noises either in the middle of the night or during the quiet daytime. The flash of, “was that something in the corner?” appeared a couple of times. But this film did have a twist, well, more like an origin of how all of this haunting begun. In part two, adult Kristi’s husband and step daughter discover why the spirits are after baby Hunter. Kristi’s grandmother or distant grandmother made a deal with a demon to obtain fortune in exchange for the first born son in the family of a long line of women and this information relates to this film. The more Dennis records, the more the spirit begins to disturb the house and everyone in it, including his business partner and the babysitter. The film left me with a nice ending; I was creeped out and satisfied, meaning it totally brought in the film like I was there, a part of the family’s nightmare and didn’t have a clue what I would do in those situations. All in all, I will see this film again.