Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) and a schoolmate, Karen (Lily Collins) are working on a school assignment for their sociology class when they come across a missing person’s site that shows updated photos of lost children. Nathan is horror-struck when he sees his photo and grows greatly suspicious of the people he has lived with for fifteen that he thought were his parents.  The same night of his discovery, two henchmen attack his parents trying to get to Nathan and chase starts. Why are people chasing him? Was he kidnapped as a child and his parents are the bad guys? 

Review:             Well, I was disappointed while viewing this film. When I would see the trailers, I believed that Taylor could be the next Jason Statham but I was horribly wrong. I was also happy to see him trying to make a name for himself-after Twilight-as serious actor starting with a good action flick. Yet again, I was horribly mistaken. This film had bad acting, bad script, fake love interests and boring action scenes. There were many times during Nathan’s emotional moments where he would just and only frown with not a single tear fall, making it non-believable. How can an actor not know how to cry? Where is the director with the fake tears? His connection with Lily always looked awkward and too long. Every scene seemed like a dance rehearsal, like 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, 5 and 6 and 7 and 8. Meaning, first he says something, and then poses for the camera, then Lily says something and Nathan poses for the camera, they are rushing an escape and then Nathan poses for the camera, Nathan is emotional at the situation he’s in, and then poses for the camera. Boring! I expected much more. I say that Taylor needs more experience and years in order to fulfill his potential. All in all, I will never see this film again.