The Artist (2011)

The Artist is a movie that either you love it or hate it.There is no in between, and i defiantly loved it.

It stars  Jean Dujardin as (George Valentin) and Bérénice Bejo  as (Peppy Miller). First of all it is a silent Picture and in black and white , so if this is not your cup of tea and you prefer a 3D movie don’t continue reading this review. So moving on the film sets on the 1927 ,that tills a story about a silent movie star George Valentin and the success he was in the silent picture era in the 1927, yet every thing changes for him after meeting Peppy miller (a no buddy, who wants to be a star) and after working with her and guide her in the industry(that when she fallen in love with him ). The talking picture start to show up in the 1929,and that was the breaking point for George when every thing went down hill.On the contrary  Peppy’s star shines from silent picture to talking picture. George reflect the old generation that could not adapt to the change of the industry . George try to resist the change and challenge it. With Pippy’s success and her pictures printed all over the news. Will with out giving up so much of the story the male character struggles and the female character try to help him.

In this part i will talk about the superb acting of  Bérénice Bejo. she portrayed beauty and innocent in such a beautiful way. Spicily in  the body movement and facile expression wish the movie relay heavily on it.There where two scenes that stucked on my mind were the dancing legs of Peppy and the longing for George when she hugged the jacket .These two were the most of the cleaver moments of expression that i ever saw in my life with out using words.

what make the Artist so fascinated is its simplicity and creativity, and above all originality that stand out .It shows a historical picture of the glamor of old Hollywood from costume and life style and making picture. Every scene  and expression was well crafted.

In the end The Artist is not for everyone,yet its different and artistic and creative in every way from the music that can get you attached to the character without words and colors to the set design.

hopefully this review can give you an overall feeling about the movie . enjoy the masterpiece

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