The Rocker

Directed by: Peter Cattaneo.

Starring: Rainn Wilson and Christina Applegate.

Run-time: 102 minutes.

This movie is about a man who used to be a drummer for a now-famous rock and roll band. He is bitter about the place in rock history that was stolen from him, after his band mates left him 20 years earlier. Even the mention of the band’s name causes Rob (Rainn Wilson) to go into a frenzy of rage. In one of the first scenes, his co-worker presses the matter by playing a CD that the band has recently produced. Rob is furious and proceeds in tackling this man; and thus loses his job.Rob is then dumped by his girlfriend and forced to go to the only home he has left, his sister’s house. The story then talks about Rob’s nephew Matt, and his band, A.D.D. They lose their drummer after he is suspended from school. Having no other options, Matt asks his uncle to play with them for their first gig, the prom. Rob reluctantly agrees, but promises to do so. It’s a funny and rather painful scene to watch, as Rob somewhat slips back into the “glory days” and goes crazy. He ruins the band’s performance.The story goes on with Rob getting the band a gig, and being allowed to play the drums again for A.D.D. They are signed to a label and go on tour. Rob is thrilled, and gets carried away with the typical rock star lifestyle. He drinks tons of beer, destroys hotel rooms, and drives the other band members crazy. However, Rob seems to forget that he is 20 years older and therefore prone to more bodily pains. Scene by scene, we see more and more braces, ice baths, and injuries. The band is then faced with another conflict as they are offered to open for Vesuvius, Rob’s former band. At first, the band says no, on behalf of Rob. After being tricked into believing his mom (Christina Applegate) is dating Rob, the lead singer, Curtis, promises to do the show.The Screenwriting for this movie was amazing. All the characters seemed to somehow fit together, even though they were all very different. There were tons of funny lines and incidents throughout the film. One of my favorite lines was an adaptation on a line from the movie “Almost Famous.” Rob is standing on a roof with a bottle of alcohol in one hand. He then screams “I am a golden fish!” This was one of my favorite scenes in both “Almost Famous” and “The Rocker.”Another thing I really enjoyed was the costume designs. Since Rob was a band member from the 80’s hair band style, they came up with some pretty crazy outfits for him. They carried it over 20 years later for him as well, because he was stuck in that era in his life. The costumes for the other band members also fit their characters. In one scene Amelia, the bass player, explains their different personalities in the band. The outfits reflect all of them perfectly.Overall I would say that this is a great movie. I recommend it and would even suggest buying it if you enjoy it. It’s one that is now on my shelf of movies.

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