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The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

Oscar winner Antony Hopkins is desperate to set a new track record, despite of his problems. It’s my review of The World’s Fastest Indian.

“Two pills of Nitroglycerine, one for me and another for my engine” quoted in the movie by a character Bert Munro, reveals the fact that, how determined he is, to make his engine get ready to set a world track record. The World’s Fastest Indian is directed by Roger Donaldson (famous for Dante’s Peak). It is also written by him, and he took the screenplay portion by himself. As a director, he picked Antony Hopkins, to enact the role of Bert. Diane Ladd gave support to his character and many characters were there to accompany Bert in the remarkable journey to achieve a goal despite his own problems.

The plot is all about, Bert an enthusiastic old man, waking up in the early mornings and training with his bike called the Indian. He has a neighbor hood friend Tom (Aaron Murphy), who helps Bert in making some changes to his bike. After his bike is ready, he gives Tom a work and leaves to U.S.A, to set a new track record. During his journey to U.S.A racing track called as Bonneville, he faces a lot of problems, and also meets many people who actually like Bert and his activities. After many such incidences, he finally reaches his place. But he is an old man, and has not pre registered for his bike. Now will Bert do the race and set the record, or leave the place dumb stricken and confounded is all to be watched?

Plot development in the movie is slow. I thought for a while that, why Bert is busy asking for a date? when he has a bigger job to be fulfilled. There I came to realize that, movie is actually taking a step down, but sooner again it picks up and the plot sets well.  We see that plot is completely single focused and we do not care about anything except the Indian(Bike). When Indian gets some damages, we see how Bert manages to rectify it, and also we see how really he tries hard to achieve his goal. All we care in the movie is only him and the bike.

Characters in the movie are very good. Bert Munro (Antony Hopkins) is from down under (New Zealand). It is a great character and an inspiring one too. The small boy played by Aaron Murphy is also an interesting character desperate to help Bert in adding some changes to bike. Antony Star as Jeff is a super cool biker man, who wishes Bert good luck. Jim Mofett (Christopher Lawford) is another good character in the movie who helps Bert when he is under certain problems. Diane Ladd is somewhat fine and others were there to make the movie good.

Character development is fine. We have single main character in the movie. He is enthusiastic, very friendly, careful and also being an angina patient, he just cares about his 25 years of record experience with his Indian. He sometimes is also funny by the way he dances. He is just fantastic. Tom played by the young boy, is also nicely developed. His character was sketched the best I can see. He is so helpful, kind and also very punctual in his work, and also determined to do the job Bert gave him. Jim Mofett was another nice character developed, because despite him being in the race, he is so desperate to help Bert and he does do a good job. Even the engineers who repair the cars are fantastic. They realize Bert’s enthusiasm in riding the Indian and do admire his work.

Performances are top notch and also standard. Antony Hopkins is actually Bert Munro. He does deliver a promising performance, and he is actually believable. Chirstopher Lawford is good in his acting and actually the next best performance in the movie, after Hopkins. I actually thought that he was much better and perfectly enacted the role, than he used to play the Hospital series. Nice job. Diane Ladd is supportive to Bert and her role was minimized in the movie. Aaron Murphy as the small boy, he is great and also eases his role perfectly. Rest others are fine with their performances.

Music in the movie was quite nice. A nice slow, blending sound with certain gushing tune and also motivating ones, at the right time, I thought a nice job done by Peter Robinson. Presentation in the movie was quite good. The race scenes are almost quick, impulsive and also path breaking in terms of camera work and cinematography. The other part of the movie is good also, with its no over zooming or any slow motions, but rather a smooth taking of the whole movie suiting it as a Biography movie.

Bottom line: Slow, immersive, and also catch me if you can kind of belief, rather unusual and very engaging, inspirational at times with effortless performance from Antony Hopkins. Quite impressive it was.

What it lacked? It lacked a fast screenplay. I give A

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