Kyle Miller (Nicholas Cage) returns home after a business trip. Kyle seems to be quite evidently on top of his game by the looks of the car he drives and the estate he lives on. A modern day mansion that could easily pass out as pimped up residence on MTV cribs! Sarah (Nicole Kidman) has been eagerly anticipating her husband’s return. Sarah does seem to have missed his presence quite much that she has prepared a lovely dinner herself and also done some lingerie shopping to entice Kyle. Kyle Miller has not come to where he is financially by taking life easy. Kyle who clearly is a workaholic misses out on all his wives signals and retires into his study to put away some valuables in the safe. Young Avery Miller (Liana Liberato) gives the old couple a slip and sneaks out of the estate and meets up with her friend and drives away for a party at a friend’s place. Moments later the doorbell chimes; there are cops at the entrance of the Miller estate!

Californian born writer Karl Gajdusek is someone all you readers/viewers should look out for in the future. This man clearly has done an above average job with the script TRESPASS. A noteworthy script for a debut attempt by Karl Gajdusek and justifiable direction by veteran director Joel Schumacher (PHONE BOOTH, BAD COMPANY, 8MM). Schumacher who has worked with Cage before knows the ropes. If there is one thing about Nicholas Cage, then it is that he is good at playing the underdog who strives to come on top of things and have the last word. A wise casting decision considering the angle of the plot! There isn’t much to play with and the story unfolds quite blandly. The beauty or rather the intriguing element of TRESPASS lies in the plot and the acting. As for Schumacher this is an easy task when he is working with Hollywood royalty such as Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage.

Kidman takes on a more serious role than what she took on with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston in JUST GO WITH IT. A Kidman talent; the diverse ability to play roles in a production within any genre is not something we see amongst most actors or actresses of today. A few such as Nicole Kidman, Will Smith, John Travolta, Bradley Cooper and maybe Sandra Bullock could pull it off. These are a few off the top of my head, I am certain we do have a plethora of talent oozing out of the seams of Hollywood ; to me the above seem to stand out. Coming back to Kidman the emotion she plays with is outstanding. Do you recall MOULIN ROUGE; and how she played Satine? This is exactly how I felt she plays Sarah Miller. A bit of innocence, a touch of deceit and with pinch desperation! Personally Cage is one of my all-time favorites however Kidman is indeed a show stealer.

Without over selling TRESPASS by going on and on about it, why don’t I leave it to you to decide how Kyle and Sarah Miller handles the cops who are at the entrance of their estate!

Title: Trespass

Directed by: Joel Schumacher

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet and Liana Liberato

Rated: R for violence and terror, pervasive language and some brief drug use.

Rating: 07/10