“May the best man live”, as the tagline in the movie, gives the fact that there are going to be a lot of killings and assassinations. Killer Elite is directed by, Gary Mckendry, an Oscar nominee, who is famous for taking Irish movies. Now he brings killer elite, based on the novel “The Feather Men” by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. With writing work from Matt Sherring, and based on the original novel adaptation, the movie stars Robert de niro and Jason Statham in the main leads. This movie is a pure action based movie.

The plot is about, three assassinations to be done by elite specialists Danny (Statham) and Hunter (Deniro). Hunter is held with the sheiks and Danny has to do the job in order to free Hunter from their cages. So Danny sets out to finish the S.A.S, people who killed sheik’s sons. There is a condition that the killings must be videotaped and it should look like accidents. Danny has a life to live with. He regularly sees a girl in his life. Meanwhile Spike (Clive Owen) an ex-SAS, is on hunt to Danny. Things go mutual now and cat and mouse chase begins. How Danny assassinates them is all about?

Plot Development in the movie, is dull and murky. There are no big turns in the movie and the flow of the storyline seemed linear without any jerks, in the screenplay. The action sequences are toned up with classical touch without much special effect. The chase scenes are looking regular. The killings are spontaneous and the story telling is quite predictable.

Character Development in the movie is weak. Danny is an elite specialist, who just chases targets and finishes them off. Even a normal criminal can do that. What is so special about being elite? That was poor characterization for Danny. Hunter is the most important elite operative. His role is more like a cameo, with few dialogues, three to four gun shots and a hand hit. Very poor characterization is seen. The girl playing Danny’s girl friend is too clumsy in characterization. We do not know who she is and from where did she come from. There is no important role for her in the movie. Spike looked normal, and we see him doing different activities, to track Danny and trap him. His characterization is quite better than the others in the movie. Rest others did not do much to the story.

Performances in the movie are to be compared with the previous movies. There are a bunch of good actors. Jason Statham, who is famous for Transporter series, Mechanic and Death race, gave him real action hero stuff. In this movie being an elite professional, his acting is so bland and required a lot of improvements. His dialogue delivery had nothing to take with. Robert Deniro who is famous for Limitless, The Good Shepard, is looking much better than Statham in acting. But his role is so limited, I was disappointed, he had nothing to steal the show. Clive Owen, famous for King Arthur and The International, looked so perfect in acting. Though he had a limited role, I felt that he was the best in terms of acting. Yvonne Strahowski, who is not so famous, in terms of acting plays lady love for Statham, in this movie. She got a cheap role and that will be not good for her future. Rest others are just enough to fill the show.

Presentation in the movie looked old. As the movie takes place in 1980’s, the tone in the movie looked of that kind. The stunt sequences looked almost of 1990’s, but yet the car chases and camera work in the movie looked good to suit the tone of the story. Cinematography in the movie captures the deserts of Oman, Australia and few streets of London. Visual effects are very less. Costumes looked good enough. Sound mixing was appropriate. Background score was adequate. Other departments were enough to fill the movie.

Bottom line: Despite, Statham, Deniro and Clive Owen, movie is bland, tasteless and formulaic story with decent visuals and old fashioned action sequences. I give C