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paranormal activity: why im now afraid of my home



In this day and age, horror movies seem to be coming off some kind of assembly line; with a few minute details, they are pretty much all the same. I haven’t been scared by a movie since I was five and I accidentally saw a clip of Child’s Play. Therefore, when my husband suggested we see Paranormal Activity, I was somewhat hesitant at wasting my time and money on a movie that was going to turn out to be just two hours worth of cheap jokes called “special effects”. To this day I wish I hadn’t seen it, but not for the reason you think.

Shot in “Found Footage”style Ala Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity is about a young couple, Katie and Micah, living in a picture perfect house in California, with one exception: Katie has been plagued by some kind of entity since childhood. At her wits end, she decides to put a stop to it once and for all. So, her boyfriend decides to buy some expensive video equipment in an effort to catch any supernatural goings on in the house. As the movie progresses, it builds up from subtle to shocking, culminating in a terrifying conclusion.

The reason I wish I hadn’t seen it is because before the movie, I wasn’t afraid of my own house. What director Oren Peli does is have us decide which is scarier: seeing the entity, or knowing the entity is there? Even though you never see the demon in the film, suggesting its presence was enough to scare me out of my wits. For a movie done on a low budget ( $15,000, to be exact), the effects were superb. The inhuman footprints in baby powder , and Katie being dragged out of the bed down the hallway made the formerly heckling audience members behind us fall dead silent. Even more terrifying was the fact that most of the activity happened while they slept. Peli claims it heightens the fear that “ if something is lurking in your home there’s not much you can do about it.” That explains the reason I wasn’t able to sleep for two nights after seeing it. What was most terrifying was the finale. While I won’t give away any details, the last shot will be embedded in your mind weeks after seeing the movie.

I will say this, though: Katie Featherston is one talented actress.

There is only one thing I felt would’ve ruined the whole movie if it had gone too far: Katie’s boyfriend, Micah and his macho cockiness. While Micah Sloat is also a talented performer, it feels like if his character didn’t provoke the demon to some kind of showdown none of the horrible events would’ve happened. Then again, we probably wouldn’t have the movie we have today.

Well, it has been a week, and I can sleep again. The problem is now I am scared to go downstairs at night by myself, for I fear what could be lurking in the shadows. Yet as my paranoia is wearing off I may be ready to see it for a second time just to compare the second ending to the first. However, I doubt the alternative ending will beat the theatrical. This time though, as it is now on DVD, I will watch it with my friends, with the lights on and repeat to myself :It’s only a movie, it’s only a movie…




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