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Untitled Film, Written/Directed by J.C. Simpson

J.C. Simpson is in the process of making a film, which the title is not allowed to be established until 6 months before the release date and until the filming is done.
The crime drama will be rated R for Graphically used language, strong graphic bloody violence, strong drug content, and sexuality/nudity. The film’s plot will be released in pieces from the start of production to the end of production.
Cast has not yet been chosen, Produced, Story by, Written, Directed, and a minor role staring J.C. Simpson, produced by Babylon Pictures and J.C. Simpson, Director of Cinematography J.C. Simpson, Original Score by J.C. Simpson.
This film will be an epic story of life in New York’s areas of Soho, and other areas in New York. All of the events include some affiliation with the mob, police, and/or brave citizens.
The people and stories in this story are completely fictional. Any person(s) in this movie that is related to a realistic person is completely coincidental, and should not be taken in any other way than in a sense of entertainment.
The objects/people in this movie that are real are put in for purposes of realism, and are not meant to be looked upon in any serious way.
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved. Babylon Pictures owns this movie and all related affiliations with it.

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