This movie begins of course, in 1891 London with Holmes (a washed out looking Robert Downey Jr) and Dr. John Watson (Jude Law who’s receding hair line I can’t stop looking at – still hot though!) proceeding to  stop a murder in progress of a woman who is the recent in a series of cult like killings. The villain is revealed to be Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong who should be in a lot more movies, even though he is quite generic in this one). 

Before he is hanged for this attempted murder and the murder of numerous other women, his last request is to see Sherlock to inform him that death will not stop his plans of three more murders.  I’m sure you have an idea of what happens through this story line!

While Holmes is investigating how Blackwood has seemingly overcome death by escaping his tomb after hanging,  Holmes is also dealing with the impending engagement and subsequent marriage of Watson to Mary (played by Kelly Rielly), who is moving out of their apartment on the infamous Baker Street.   As well, Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams who I normally love however felt through the entire movie she was miscast here),  apparently the only woman who has ever ‘bested’ Holmes,  has returned to ask for his assistance with a particular case that ends up being tied in with the Lord Blackwood case, at the request of her mysterious new employer.

With a mixture of science and what seems to be black magic, Holmes and Watson must work together to solve this case before both their lives become extinguished.

All in all, I did like this movie.  It just wasn’t what I expected from a Guy Ritchie film.  You do get a chance to see the slow mo’ shots he made famous in ‘Lock, stock’, which showcases Holmes’ ‘process’ quite well, plus the action sequences are pretty well done.  The CGI does look completely fake, however, when doesn’t CGI look fake really? 

 My only other qualm with this film was, as mentioned, the casting of Rachel McAdams.  She is brilliant and I have loved her in pretty much every film she has done however…  she didn’t match Downey!  Irene is supose to be this worldly, experienced criminal.  A criminal who Holmes’ admires and has loved for quite some time, Rachel, unfortunately for me, didn’t fit the bill!  Someone more like Uma Thurman or even Angelina Jolie would have been better suited as Downey is definitely showing his age here and McAdams looks too… young and child like!

Don’t take my word for it however.  Do go see this film as it’s meant to be seen, in the theatre as I do see many more ‘Holmes and Watson’ adventures in the future!