It’s taken 4 years for FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN to premier in the USA. Whilst it has been screened since 2008 in some parts of the world it never seems to have made its way to light. This baffles me. What exactly went wrong at the production houses? Is that why this didn’t see its way through out until now? Honestly I have no clue. One of the best works I have seen by far of Ryan Reynolds; with comparison to him suiting up in green early this summer in GREEN LANTERN. 

Redemption; what do we know about this? Are we capable of deliverance from all the dark deeds we have done of the past? Have they just been merely forgotten with time? Are we fooled by this forgetful nature of man and perceive forgetfulness as a form of redemption? I am familiar with the term forgive and forget, does this mean that once we remember we withdraw the forgiveness once given? This may sound quite an eccentric school of thought; however this is exactly where writer/director Dennis Lee has left me hanging. Undoubtedly the most realistic and unorthodox script I have come across for 2011. Being unorthodox is the latest fad in writing. The more twisted the plot is the more WOW the audience becomes. However many of such scripts are always on far-fetched realms of reality. Many of them will never come to life unlike FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN

Families that are broken down due to poverty, adultery or merely due to vanity are quite common today. Divorce which was once a word that was frowned upon is now household. What goes on within a family that is broken from within however yet is holding on? How will you grow up when your father is a raging alcoholic who beats you and the rest of your family? How will you grow up if you father is domineering and a control freak? Are we products of what has become to us of the past? Indeed we all are. Michael Taylor is no exception. Charlie Taylor runs his own little state prison in house. Young kids don’t take to this sort of treatment quite well, some of them will retaliate and some will bottle it all in until one day they will put it all out. The falling out between Michael and Charlie has been over 17 years until the entire family is to reunite on the occasion of celebrating Lisa’s graduation. Instead of coming home to his parents, Michael walks into his mother funeral and his father hospitalization following a fatal motor accident. Michael who is a very successful published author returns with the hope of forgiveness. However will this sudden turn of events wipe away that trail of thought? Will Michael ever be able to forgive his father? Follow closely on the sharp symbolisms used by Dennis Lee and you will for sure understand if it’s forgiven or if it’s just being forgotten! 

A beautiful drama for those of you who enjoy a more realistic feel to your theatrical experience. A wonderful showcase of talent by Ryan Reynolds, Willie Dafoe and Chase Ellison who plays Christopher. Supporting them alongside the lady with the most famous smile in Hollywood Julia Roberts (Julia takes a back seat in this one lets the others do the work) heroes star Hayden Panettiere and Emily Watson. 

Title: Fireflies in the Garden

Directed by: Dennis Lee

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Wille Dafoe, Chase Ellison, Hayden Pannettiere, Shannon Lucio, Emily Watson & Julia Roberts

Rated: R for language and some sexual content.

Rating: 07/10

99 Minutes