I went to see Gamer a few weeks ago, and if I wasn’t contented by having peanut m&ms in my popcorn I would have been greatly disappointed with my day out. I will admit, it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen but I’ll still maintain that I wasn’t too impressed.

Our story takes place the not to distant future where RPGs and life-simulation games have been taken one step further. Instead of controlling a computer animated character manually, humans now have the power to control other humans who work in these games via mind control. In the movie, the two main games, created by eccentric billionaire Ken Castle, are Society, a Sims based simulation and more importantly Slayers, a first person shooter maybe based on the Call of Duty franchise.

Right, every one seems to love Slayers and its main character Kable and they follow the game on screens all over the world like a TV show. It’s like watching the Truman Show, but that had Jim Carrey, which obviously made it better. The characters in Slayers are actually convicted criminals and if they survive so many rounds of the game they win their freedom. No one has ever really come close to winning except for Kable, of course, who is controlled by an irritating teenage boy who is enjoying the popularity and benefits that have come from having power over Slayers’ most famous and well loved character. Mr. Castle realises that soon, Kable will beat the game and have to be freed so he puts the scariest black guy I have ever seen; who happens to be Chris’ dad in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ into the game but the twist is; he’s not being controlled and therefore has another advantage over Kable apart from being about 6 foot and built like four brick houses. At this point some group kick in and grant Kable and the boy the power to talk to each other and he begs the kid to let him control himself so he can escape the game and find his wife and daughter and round house Ken Castle.

The idea behind his movie was actually a very interesting one. Seeing the future where our world is obsessed with RPGs to this extent was pretty cool to see but I thought the actual movie was quite boring. It felt too long, despite only running for 95minites and I really didn’t care about the characters or their situation. I really just couldn’t emotionally connect with them and that?s usually pretty easy for me. The only thing that really kept me watching was Michael C Hall playing Ken Castle. I just loved how ridiculous and eccentric he was; in any other average movie I would have wanted him dead but since there was nothing really entertaining going on I held onto him for hope. I didn’t have much hope if you can tell.

I wouldn’t suggest that you’d pay a lot of money to see this movie but maybe you’d enjoy it if you’re into brutal violence, partial nudity and an obese creepy guy getting off on playing Society looking for cyber. Well this is probably for you. Personally; I’ll pass on ever seeing it again.

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