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The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Probably one of my favourite movies!  Why?  Because it stars the legendary Meryl Streep. What else makes this one a ‘must see’? The rest of the cast – Anne Hathaway (a charming actress with oodles of potential), Emily Blunt (watch out for this British actress!) and Stanley Tucci (a performance of note!).

I simply loved the opening of the movie – shoes, shoes and more shoes.  Andrea (Hathaway) is eager to start her career in publishing and gets a job interview at Runway magazine.  To the amazement of the Chief Editor’s Assistant, Emily (Blunt) and Nigel (Tucci), Andrea gets the job as 2nd Assistant!  She doesn’t fit in but Chief Editor, Miranda Priestly (Streep) decides to take a chance with the ‘smart fat girl’.  Andrea is constantly reminded that ‘a million girls would kill for this job’ but for her it’s simply a stepping stone to her career in journalism.  Andrea soon realises that she’s working for an unreasonable, hard and demanding woman.  Come on, who can ‘find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning’!  Miranda Priestley listens to no-one and she always has the last word, mostly in the form of ‘that’s all’!  It’s delightful to watch Andrea turn from ugly duckling to swan with the help of Nigel and a little Chanel.

Throughout the movie we see Andrea faced with challenges – obtaining the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript, getting Miranda on a flight back home in a hurricane, ‘taking’ Emily’s sought-after trip to Paris and ultimately putting her boyfriend, Nate (Adrian Grenier) and friend, Lily (Tracie Thoms) on the backburner for Miranda’s demands.

This movie takes a comedic look at the difficulty of balancing a career and personal life.  We’ve all had a boss from hell so many can relate to this ‘devil in prada’.  Moreover, this movie is full-on entertainment from start to finish! 

Superb directing by David Frankel and acting supreme by Ms Streep.  She received various nominations and managed to bag the Golden Globe for Best Actress.  This was definitely a breakthrough role for Emily Blunt who also received nominations.  Sadly, Tucci’s performance didn’t receive the same recognition.

This one has to be added to your collection – that’s all…

3 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada (2006)”

  1. I totally agree with you , just M. Streep could take a movie to whole another level , and i have managed to see a lot of her movies……but as a review back in my head , i just think that this was her most incredible role ever , and she didn’t smiled in the whole movie at all and given loads of emotions . Anne Hathway become the one of the most sorted out actress in Hollywood after this one . Movie was amazing as well as the novel…… and it is full package for every fashion lover and the non – fashion lover too .

  2. Good review. You took us through the highlights without giving away the entire plot. I loved this movie. After I watched it in the cinemas, I went and bought the book. The book has its own charm but I felt that the movie nailed it and was better than the original content it was adapted from.

    The entire cast in this movie was excellent and the script was spot on. This movie is so good I bought the VCD when it first came out, then the DVD when I had more money and could afford to get it. Soon, when I can afford the Blu Ray, I’d probably get my hands on it too.

  3. I have to agree, this one is a must see. I love it, and even though i have the DVD, I always watch it when it’s on TV. Thanks for the review!

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