The Blindside is a 2009 film that mixes a lot of different genres. It has some comedy while being a drama and it’s also a sports film. It’s based on the a book that is about the life of real life NFL player, Michael Oher, who currently is in his rookie season with the Baltimore Ravens. The film is directed by John Lee Hancock(The Rookie, The Alamo) and stars Quinton Aaron who is pretty much making his film debut, he’s had other relatively small roles. Sandra Bullock(Speed, The Proposal) and Tim McGraw(Friday Night Lights, Flicka) star as Oher’s adopted parents Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy.

The film tells the story of the life of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) up until the point in which he was drafted into the NFL by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL Draft. As a child, Michaels mother was on drugs and never really took care of him the way that was needed. His father left when he was a child, whom Michael later finds out was killed. Michael was a wanderer, bouncing around from foster home to foster home and spending a lot of time on the streets by himself. One of these foster parents enrolled Michael into a Christian school and on his first day of school he befriends a young boy named SJ. SJ’s parents Leigh Anne (Bullock) and Sean (McGraw) decide that they want to help Michael and they take him in and let him live with him. They give Michael many luxuries that he has never had before and it’s all new to him. Watching how he reacts to these new things was sad at times and funny at other times. Michael takes up football at the school and becomes quite good and starts getting a lot of attention from many college head coaches. Michael with a newfound drive to do better and go somewhere with his life applies himself one hundred percent to do good in school and go to college and play football. There are a lot of ups and downs, sad times and happy times within this story and it’s something you have to watch just to experience and see what odds this young man had to overcome to get to where he’s at today.

Something that I like to do in all of my reviews is comment on the acting. This film has some outstanding performances in it and I want to start with Quinton Aaron. A young man that has made small appearances in a couple films, but nothing noteworthy, makes his big screen debut as a lead actor. This young man shows a lot of promise. He gave this role the much needed emotion that it required. You could see how committed to this role he really was and I think Michael Oher would be proud to see the way he was portrayed and played in this film. Sandra Bullock, in what many critics are calling her greatest performance ever, gives a really good performance. I wouldn’t go out and say it’s her best but it ranks pretty high up there on her resume. I haven’t exactly been the biggest Sandra Bullock fan as she’s always annoying to me, or has been as of late anyways. But I do acknowledge her talent and I do give her props on the performance in this film, a performance that has been given a nomination for Best Actress at the Golden Globes this year. The singer turned actor, Tim McGraw, gives another solid performance in this film making him two for three. I have yet to see Flicka so I can’t comment on his performance in that film. But in this film and in Friday Night Lights I feel that he did a very solid job and gave a lot of time and effort to those roles.

It’s hard to believe that a football player in his rookie season in the NFL just this year already has a movie out about his life, something I’m sure is even weirder for him to go to the theater and watch a film in which he is portrayed on screen. But this is a story that deserves the attention it is getting. This man, Michael Oher, had a lot of odds stacked against him and he put all that to the side with the help of an amazing family and became the man that he is today. It’s truly amazing to think that someone could go from where he was at, bouncing around from foster homes and living on the streets for some time, to being starting offensive linemen in the NFL. Michael Oher is a true role model for many of our youth today and a man that should be looked up to for what he did and the things he overcame.

This film was a bit of a shock for me. I had intentions of seeing it, but the expectations weren’t there. I truly wasn’t expecting to see a film of the quality that this was. John Lee Hancock delivered with this film and could easily get nominations for his work on this film and I wouldn’t have one problem with it. This is a film that every moviegoer could enjoy. It’ll grab the sports movie fans because of the subject matter and because they get to see the life of a real life NFL football player. Plus, it’ll grab the people that are looking for a good tearjerker to go see. This film had many moments when I almost let a tear drop fall, but of course I fought all of those feelings off. The director and actors did a great job at sucking you into the film and making you love the characters. While watching the film I felt all of the emotions that these characters felt. This is a film that is full of happiness, laughter, sadness, and hurt that I recommend for all film lovers. Even if you don’t really want to see it or don’t expect to like it, please watch it I’m pretty sure that you will be surprised by the film.

4.5 out of 5 stars