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200 pounds beauty – many laughs

Hanna Kang is a fantastically talented singer but she suffers from low esteem due to her weight. So she sets up a plan to change both her physical and mental self in the Korean romantic comedy 200 Pounds Beauty.

The film sets us up with the premise of Hanna’s (played by) existence. In a pop star façade, she sings the vocals while the thinner “pop star” Ammy lip syncs in concert performances. The makeup effects for Hanna’s heavy weight are fairly passable, but it is made convincing by actress Kim Ah-joong ‘s performance of a sympathetic and sweet woman during this stage in her appearance. The films jokes about Hanna’s weight but most of the gags have to do with her naïve trait (like when she sees “phony” written on a van and assume that the vandal is referring to the van itself as a phony).Feeling superior to Hanna because of weight differences, Ammy shows little respect to Hanna as she sees her as a nuisance. This is counter balanced by the music producer Sang-jun, who treats Hanna with much regard and isn’t shy to make Ammy cry when she is out of line.

Despite this relationship with Sang-jun, it is still a case of unattainable love for Hanna. She plans out a suicide but at the last minute realizes how she can blackmail a surgeon into doing a procedure that would thin her down.  During the recovery from surgery, Hanna disappears from the lives of everyone she knows in order to reinvent herself. With her new appearance (which nobody seems to recognize as her), sets out with the new name “Jenny” as she tries to become a pop star in this new identity (music enhances the movie as it is inserted throughout key moments). The film soon becomes the comical struggle of Hanna as she tries to balance a lie with her kind hearted personality.

Kim Ah-joong acting best shines when you compare how different she portrays fat Hanna and thin Hanna. She does believable mannerism when Hanna is heavier and makes the shift into being more confident when Hanna is thin very logically. Though it is slightly unbelievable when men seem to almost magically fall for the skinnier Hanna. But this does lead to some funny moments, such as a bleeding man saying that his injury is no big deal after having a fender bender with Hanna.

In addition to being a comedy, 200 Pounds Beauty juggles parts of drama and romance without bogging down the comical moments. Moments where Hanna is told she is unattractive is still handled with sympathy for her but without getting to dreary and gloomy.  Even Hanna having to deal with her mentally ill father is kept light hearted enough for the audience.

In total, I would say 200 Pounds Beauty is well suited for those looking to see a good laugh about staying true to yourself or anybody who is already in love with the Korean style of comedy.

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