Sherlock Holmes


What happens when you take a fictional character that is as famous as Sherlock Holmes, add a fantastic director in Guy Ritchie(Snatch, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels), and then add on Robert Downey Jr.(Iron Man, Tropic Thunder), Jude Law(Enemy At The Gates, Road To Perdition), Mark Strong(Sunshine, RocknRolla), and Rachel McAdams(The Notebook, Red Eye)? Well, you get nothing short of a very good and very enjoyable film.

This film, which is set in 1891 London, stars off with Holmes(Downey Jr.) and Watson(Law) searching for a suspect that has killed 5 people. When they arrive the suspect is in the middle of attempting to kill another, much to Holmes and Watson’s surprise it is Lord Blackwood(Strong). The two detectives arrest Blackwood and he is later put to death. Just a few days later something very unusual happens, the stone sealing Blackwood’s grave is found shattered and a man in the cemetery supposedly saw Blackwood leaving his tomb. Yet again, Holmes and Watson are back hunting for Lord Blackwood to try and stop him from killing anyone else. Throw in some devious work by Ms. Irene Adler (McAdams), with whom Holmes has a long history with, and the mystery behind a potential new villain. What happens next?? Well, that is up for you to find out for yourself.

Robert Downey Jr. has enjoyed a nice little rise to fame over the past few years and he continues it with this performance as the famous Sherlock Holmes. Downey Jr. has always been a very good actor and has always seen himself rise into the spotlight but then he normally falls off the wagon with drug problems. He hasn’t quite risen to this level of fame and popularity though and I think this time will be different and we won’t see him fall off the wagon again. With recent performances and this one I think we can call Downey Jr. one of the better actors of the past decade. He has really applied himself to his roles of late and shows the dedication that he has to his job and to the role itself. I look forward to see this rise continue and we can all hope that we don’t see the fall that has happened so many times in his career. When I saw that Jude Law had been cast as Dr. Watson I was kind of skeptical. I’ve always been a fan of Jude Law’s and I think he is a rather underrated actor so that wasn’t my problem with this choice at all. It was more not really seeing Law as a Watson type character. Watson was always kind of the bruiser, the fighter type of sidekick and it wasn’t something I could really see Jude Law as. I’m happy to say though that I was wrong, Law actually kind of stole the show in my opinion from Downey Jr. I found myself more interested in what Watson was doing and wondering when Watson was going to be on screen again. Not to take anything away from Downey Jr., he still did great, it’s just for me Law was better, or maybe is character was just more interesting to me. Rachel McAdams as the devious and manipulative, Irene Adler was another great choice. McAdams is also very underrated in my opinion as I have enjoyed watching her perform on screen in virtually everything I have seen her in.

As a whole I highly enjoyed Sherlock Holmes and I left the theater satisfied with my expectations for the film met. It was by no means a perfect movie and did have a few things that kept it from getting that perfect film rating, but it’s a film that can be enjoyed by many and I think will be enjoyed by the average moviegoer. Guy Ritchie, the genius that brought us Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, is one of my favorite directors and one of a few that I look forward to seeing his next movie. I was extremely happy that they got a guy like Ritchie to begin this, what I believe to be a film franchise. I’m not sure how much further he will go with the Sherlock Holmes character but he kicked it off the right way. Downey Jr. and Law were great together and they are very enjoyable to watch on screen together. They worked well together and showed a great bond that you could expect out of a partnership, even through the ups and downs of being in that partnership. It is a film that I highly recommend that you go see, not that you probably need it I’m sure you either already have seen it or were planning on going to see it no matter what my review said, in order to see the amazing work done by the director and the actors and also to see the always loveable characters brought to life on the big screen.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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