Beyond the Sea

Beyond the sea is Kevin Spacey’s biopic on the life of two time Grammy award winner Bobby Darin, the artist who is most widely known for his hit “Beyond the Sea”. Starring and directed by Kevin Spacey, we see, not only wonderful performances by Spacey, but another side of this versatile actor.

The story doesn’t begin purely chronologically, but begins in the guise of Bobby Darin  making a movie on his life. The film features the duo of young and old Bobby Darin. The young Bobby always bringing the show back into perspective before it turns into a  musical.

 I can’t help but make comparisons between this movie and Dreamgirls for some reason. I think because of the way the story flows, it’s sort of whisked along by the music that is a little confusing at times or dizzying. I really enjoy Spacey’s voice in this movie; he decided to sing the songs himself, for which he received a Golden Globe. I just wish that it had a better chronological flow like Walking the Line did.

I like the artistic aspects that the movie has and the dance numbers that were performed beautifully. Spacey aptly pictures the virtuoso showman of the past in his portrayal of this great American showman. I think that at some points the movie takes an over the top appearance in a way where we lose track of fact and fiction in a way that I wish was a little more restrained, but I appreciate Spacey’s effort in this movie. I feel the urge to compare biopics and I think that Walking the Line was a better film in its rawness and gravitas. But  the qualities of a film also have to do with the character that is being played, and so I can’t blame that entirely on Spacey. Kate Bosworth  was delicous in her barbie doll  persrona that she emitted as Sandra Dee, but I didn’t feel a good chemistry between her and Spacey.

If you have a lot of time that you want to blow off, enjoy. But if you are looking for a good movie about music, I would go with Walking the Line.

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