The Number 23

The Number 23 stars Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen. Jim Carrey plays Walter Sparrow, a mild-mannered dog catcher. Walter is given a book called “The Number 23”. As he reads the book he begins to realize that everything that happens in the book has actually happened to him. He becomes obsessed with the number 23 and it takes him on a wild and sometimes crazy journey. This movie definitely shows Jim Carrey in a whole different light. He plays his character very well but still throws in some small jokes that fit in with the story. When I went to watch this movie I thought it was going to be more on the scary side then dramatic but it still has some scenes that could make people jump back in there seat. This movie also has some great visuals and some really cool shots. This movie is worth renting and if you are a big fan of Jim Carrey you should definitely pick this one up.

10 thoughts on “The Number 23”

  1. there should be “their” :)

    Good summary of the plot. Should break up your critique to paragraphs rather than one long paragraph.

    Keep up the good work.

    Do you have a star rating for this movie?

  2. THE NUMBER 23

    Obssessive? Definitely.

    Disappointing? Absolutely. I’d even go so far as classify it as Calvinistic, like events have all been predestined. If everything has already been “set in stone,” where can any form of fascination exist? Possibly that’s what went wrong.

    However, for me a big problem is in the domineering acting of Jim “Hey! Look At Me!” Carrey.

    After seeing so many movies with this actor and his giddy, almost slap-stick, moronic, anything to plead-for-attention Jim Carrey, I must admit that it has become hard for me to view a single film with him as the star and consciously seperate between actor and character. So he created so much of a bad impression of the movie before the plot, character development, rising action, or any other feature were ever formed. Jim Carrey did pose a major handicap for Joel Schumacher.

    By some far reach maybe an interesting story line does exist on the subject of madness and obsession over a hand-published book discovered in a bookstore, then the mystery of who wrote it and what was the initial motivation for its publication, which becomes a rediculously exploited, seemingly superstitious focus of a number. But I didn’t see it; I really could not hold focus through all the juvenile and “almost but not quite” suspenseful actions of wanna-be actors.

    And that’s what it felt like for me; like nothing in the movie quite hit the mark.

    THE NUMBER 23: Terrible effort by Joel Schumacher.

  3. Totally overrated movie. I actually rented it because of Jim Carrey… boy, was I disappointed! I really can’t put my finger on any ONE thing that was wrong with it since, in my opinion, it was a combo of bad judgement calls. Carrey seemed out of his depth, Madsen wasn’t given that much to do, Schumacher is Schumacher and he STILL hasn’t recovered from the Batman fiasco, plus I found the story in general a real slow drag!

  4. I agree that Jim Carrey did a great job. Decent plot summary but you should try making your reviews 400 words long and give your movies a star rating. I liked this movie very much and just might buy it for Jim Carrey’s performance.

  5. Jim Carrey is a good, solid dramatic actor, but is a great comedic actor. He has had past roles that, I believe, deserved Oscar nominations, but the role of Walter Sparrow is not one of them.

    Part of it is the fault of the screenwriter who seemed to forget his own train of thought somewhere around the mid-point.

    The movie is enjoyable, but not as cool as the trailer made it seem. I give it a 3 out of 5.

  6. I thought this movie was horrible. It was pointless and reminded me of a few other movies that were along this line. Plus I really don’t think Jim Carrey was the one who should have been cast. I personally was dissappointed because this movie was billed as a scary movie, but it didn’t scare me at all.

  7. Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen, Danny Huston are amazing in this movie, Carrey explores alot of possible ways to add up to 23 which helps him discover the truth about who he really is, Walter Sparrow (Carrey) gets a book of obsession from his wife, as the movie goes on we find out Walter wrote the book himself, Fingerling is the person that seems to be narrating the book, his girlfriend Fabrizia and him tangle a web that reveals more truth and death, Carrey’s seriousness plays an amazing part in the movie, shallow humor was good for the film, the obsession is haunting, just an amazing job by director Joel Schumacher.

  8. The movie was a bit of strange like sweet and sour candy. Maybe because I am so used to seeing Jim Carey in comedy films that I just could not get used to watching him in this type of role for this particular type of movie.

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