The Number 23 stars Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen. Jim Carrey plays Walter Sparrow, a mild-mannered dog catcher. Walter is given a book called “The Number 23”. As he reads the book he begins to realize that everything that happens in the book has actually happened to him. He becomes obsessed with the number 23 and it takes him on a wild and sometimes crazy journey. This movie definitely shows Jim Carrey in a whole different light. He plays his character very well but still throws in some small jokes that fit in with the story. When I went to watch this movie I thought it was going to be more on the scary side then dramatic but it still has some scenes that could make people jump back in there seat. This movie also has some great visuals and some really cool shots. This movie is worth renting and if you are a big fan of Jim Carrey you should definitely pick this one up.