Body of Lies, a Mr. E Movie Review

Body of Lies, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 128 min. – Directed by: Ridley Scott – Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong)

Body of Lies is the terrorist themed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. This behind-the-scene, war conspiracy will have you intellectually entertained from beginning to end.

Roger Ferris, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a CIA operative stationed in the Middle East. Based in Amman, Jordan, Roger is keeping a watch on a Muslim safe house that he believes is being frequented by young Muslim males.

All while the American government, lead by Ed Hoffman, played by Russell Crowe, are in pursuit of a cleric who they believe leads a group responsible for planting bombs all over Europe. But, when Roger asks and gets no help from his local allies he decides, with the help of Ed’s resources, to implicate a Dubai-based Architect as a new terrorist leader with the hopes that it’ll draw out the real terrorists.

The plan is complicated when Roger keeps the secret from his local ally Hani, played by Mark Strong, and it threatens his new girlfriend, a local nurse. Roger must decide whether to surrender himself to her abductors to negotiate her release or leave her to their mercy.

An excellent storyline gets complimented when you mix it up with great acting and realistic action. Leonardo has proven time and time again he can deliver as a convincing leading man. Russell on the other hand was extremely out of character as an over weight, cocky, American bureaucrat.

Visually this movie was made to look gritty and authentic. Very typical for these type of “Middle East” themed flicks.

Body of Lies is a big recommend to anyone looking to take a realistic look inside a part of the world that’s having such a big impact on modern times.

Body of Lies delivers the truth.

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