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Blood: The Last Vampire, a Mr. E Movie Review

Blood: The Last Vampire, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 91 min. – Directed by: Chris Nahon – Starring: Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Koyuki, Liam Cunningham)

If you could imagine the entertainment and enjoyment a kid gets when they read a comic book you could begin to understand how good Blood: The Last Vampire really is. Blood: The Last Vampire is fast paced, visually pleasing, and excellent storytelling.

When the demons in Japan begin a feeding frenzy the powers that be know that the time for their leader to arrive is soon. Their only weapon in the fight is an original vampire named Saya, played by Gianna Jun. Saya is a loner who has been training for centuries to meet with this destiny head on.

But, when the rebellious daughter of the commanding General of the military base, played by Allison Miller, gets involved Saya is forced at first to protect her. As the story progresses the relationship between the girls helps Saya to realize her human side just in time to face off against the head of all demons Onigen, played by legendary Asian actress Koyuki. (Best known for her role in “The Last Samurai.”)

The acting in this magna style film was perfect. Giana Jun was as “kick-ass” as you can get. Rivaling even the greatest of Asian leading ladies. The supporting cast played into their roles very complimentary.

The art came in the form of the special effects and the visually assaulting fight sequences. The mix between spoken English and the momentary Japanese subtitles gave up a sense of where this story really came from.

Blood: The Last Vampire can be almost described as a “Blade” type movie, set in post World War II Japan, and starring a young looking, cute, 400 year old Japanese girl.

One thing to mention is that there is a definite retake on the whole vampire persona. You won’t find any sun burning, garlic fearing, neck biters in this vampire flick. You will however see a little blood drinking and some immortality but from there its an original interpretation

Recommending Blood: The Last Vampire is an extremely easy task. Anyone 15 to 50 who enjoys a good action flick will easily sink their teeth deep into this one. Go see it.

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