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Year One, a Mr. E Movie Review

Year One, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 100 min. – Directed by: Harold Ramis – Starring: Jack Black, Michael Cera, David Cross, Vinnie Jones, Oliver Platt)

Jack Black is an above average talent but his latest screen comedy Year One is sort of a below average film. Kind of opposites right? Just like Jack and his co-star Michael Cera are. One loud and the other quiet. Maybe it was a theme? Year One isn’t all bad, it did have its moments.

In the beginning there was man, the cave man, and his name was Zed, played by Jack Black. Zed was neither a good hunter nor a good gatherer. But, he was great at one thing…screwing up! After tasting forbidden fruit and lighting his village on fire Zed is forced to flea out into the world.

Joining him in an almost “Jerry Maguire” type moment is his meek little buddy Oh, played by Michael Cera. Oh’s mission, other than berry collecting and making things is to get cave girl Eema, played by Juno Temple, to be the love of his life.

Together the cave-guys go on a journey that takes them from Cain and Able to Abraham and Issac. An ill-timed adventure to parts of the world they never knew existed. Until finally they land in the land of sin and lust, Sodom. There they find their tribe has been enslaved, the princess has crabs, the high priest is a hack, and the people just want it to rain.

Oh, what’s a cave man to do but to save the day!

As far as the acting in this star-studded, cameo riddled film it was as good as it could get be with such a flat storyline.

Flowing at an average pace, the movie sort of just carried on with the few entertaining parts sprinkled liberally throughout the picture.

Year One is recommended to all those who like Jack Black, heard the Bible stories, and/or like piss jokes.

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