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Top 10 Classic “Feel Good” Movies for Girls (By Charleen)

This one’s for the girls!  If you want to make the women in your life feel good, whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, little sister, special niece or grandmother, these are the dvds to pick for them.  Guaranteed to make them ‘feel good’ when they need it most!   

Pretty Woman (1990).  Seeing a young, suave-looking Richard Gere will make any girl happy!  Teamed up with Julia Roberts in this modern day Cinderella-like story is a sure way to keep the girls smiling!   

Ghost (1990).  There’s no disputing that despite a few tears, this movie is ‘feel good’ material.  We get to see a younger Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore whilst Whoopi Goldberg offers many laughs.  Watch this and it’s sure to lift your ‘spirits’! 

Dirty Dancing (1987).  What a ‘hit’!  Extraordinary dancing and some great music provides you with all the ‘feel good’ you need!  Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey have the time of their lives in this one and so will you! 

When Harry Met Sally (1989) provides comedic relief when the sweet Meg Ryan and funny man Billy Crystal hook up to become long-standing friends.  As girls, we’ve gotta love Ryan’s ‘fake’ orgasm scene which, let’s face it, will never age nor tire! 

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) is a real ‘girls’ movie!  It’s filled with fashion, catwalks, shopping and
Paris!  Watching Anne Hathaway transform from ugly duckling to swan is uplifting as is the legendary Meryl Streep’s first-class acting!  

Cocktail (1988).  Come on girls, we loved Tom Cruise in this one!  All the bottle tricks will leave you feeling excited all over again.  Elizabeth Shue of Karate Kid and Back to the Future is a real sweetie as Cruise’s love interest.  If you feel like more of Cruise then add “Risky Business” to this collection. 

My Best Friend’s Girl (2008) starring the hilariously funny Dane Cook and stunning Kate Hudson make this humorous movie one for the collection of ‘feel good’.  Great laughs, great fun and a great ending! 

Holiday (2008).
 I loved this one!  Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law make this a smash of a movie.  This romantic comedy will make you feel cozy so watch it with a snug blanket, fluffy pillow and a cup of coffee!  

Erin Brockovich (2000).  Another Julia Roberts ‘feel good’ classic!   Based on a true story, this movie reaped in the awards and saw Roberts receive an Oscar.  It’s light-hearted and serious at the same time.  Quite comedic in parts too. A superb watch!   

Legends of the Fall (1994).  Would a girl’s feel good list be complete without Brad Pitt?  This epic romance also starring Aidan Quinn and Anthony Hopkins provides 2½ hours of viewing pleasure.  When Pitt isn’t fully bearded he’s as lovely as ever!

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