Julie & Julia Project

This is definetly a chick flick!  Men, stay away (unless you are really interested in cooking…and blogging).  Ladies, you will enjoy – however, maybe let the bf have a pass this time! 

Julie Powell (Amy Adams, who is as usual as cute as a button!) is turning 30.  Once noted as the most likely to succeed out of her friends, having written a novel only not to have it published.  Julie is now working for the government, dealing with the aftermath of post 911 insurance policies.  After an afternoon lunch with her highly successful friends, her and her husband, Eric (Chris Messina who I’ve enjoyed since his brief appearences at the end of season 5 of ‘Six Feet Under’) decide that Julie should start a blog about her joy of cooking.  However, what angle does she take?  Well, she decides why not give herself a year to get through Julia Childs’ cookbook ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’, the first cookbook published by the greatest foody of all time!

While Julie is on her journey of self discovery, Julia Childs’ story of her stay in Paris (Played brilliantly by Meryl Streep, this woman can do no wrong!  Her manerisms, laugh, everything seemed to emulate Julia Childs to a Tee!) and the trials and tribulations of going to cooking school and trying to get her cookbook published runs simultaniously.

I would say journey of self discovery is accurate in both senses.  Julia is deciding what she wants to do for a career.  Her husband, Paul (Stanley Tucci whom I love in everything he does, even when he’s playing a creepy character) is a government employee who is stationed on and off at different embassies around the world and Julia begins to feel a little… well, useless as she doesn’t quite fit in being the typical house wife.  Julie, having had been a writter was completely deflated when her novel didn’t get published and just sort of… gave up.  The blog helps her figure out what she is meant to do, and obviously she gets a book deal out of it!

As far as the acting goes, Meryl Streep hits it out of the park!  A lovely cameo from Jane Lynch (My favorite comedian!!!  I love her in ‘Glee’!) playing Dorothy, Julia Childs’ sister – am guessing she was the only actress they could find that was tall enough to play the role however she was still brilliant…  Amy Adams has some great breakdown, freakout sessions during her cooking experiments and the husbands are unseemingly supportive and nice (which I hope was true and not just because it was a Nora Ephron Film!).

This is an enjoyable movie, especially if you need a little bit if inspiration as we all have a difficult time deciding where out heart truly lies (and the turning 30 thing, wow that hit a little hard as we all think we are going to be further along then what we are and sometimes, it just doesn’t turn out the way you expect!).  We tend to get trapped in the rat race of work, schedule, life… that we forget what we truly love.  This is a feel good movie about following your passion and where it can lead you.  Even if you mess up, serve it anyway, with flair and without apology!

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