It has been five years since Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) refused to marry Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) because of his commitment as a zookeeper. One day, they run into each other at his brother’s engagement party and Griffin is willing to do anything to get her back, even quit his job. The animals of the zoo do not want to lose Griffin because they that feel he is the best zookeeper they’ve had. So, they break their one rule, which is to not talk in front of humans, and help Griffin get Stephanie back without losing him. Will Griffin succeed? Will his long-time friend, Kate (Rosario Dawson) help Griffin get Stephanie and to keep him at the zoo? What’s the worst that can happen if Griffin quits?



            First and foremost of the main topic are the animal voices. They were terrible. They all had high-pitch whiny voices and it gets higher with each sad comedic line. I’m not saying that they should talk elegant and proper just normal like the characters from Madagascar. Their voices didn’t distract me from the film nor break my concentration and whence every time they talk. I’m a big fan of Kevin James but his typecast of the problematic and clumsy big man is getting old. The beautiful Rosario does not belong in a film like this unless her career is crashing and she can’t find anything else. She should be in more thriller, political, and horror types of film. The sentimental scenes left me tearless and the predictable ending left me bored and annoyed. This film is a waste of time. All in all, I will not see this film again.  

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