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Braveheart, a Mr. E Classic Movie Review

Braveheart, a Mr. E Classic Movie Review

(Run time: 177 min. – Directed by: Mel Gibson – Starring: Mel Gibson, James Robinson, Sean Lawlor)

If you haven’t seen it in a longtime or have lived under a rock for the last fifteen years or perhaps you’ve just came out of an extensive coma you have got to checkout the classic medieval war epic Braveheart starring Hollywood legend Mel Gibson.

Scotland desperately needed one of her own to step up and lead her to safety and independence from the overbearing and sadistic rule of a medieval England. And William Wallace is just that man.

After losing his father and brother a young William Wallace is taken in by an uncle he’s never met before. He’s taken from his homeland and forced to travel all over Europe with his uncle learning all that a young man might need to someday become a great leader.

When Wallace finally returns home he finds his friends have gotten older and the wicked ways of England’s rule have gotten worse. But when young William reunites with the love of his life he moves quickly to marry her in secrecy. Then after a ruling from the king that allows the English rulers over the land to claim any new brides first night for their own Williams new wife resists. After her fighting causes harm to her English attacker she is killed in the center of town while Wallace was waiting for her in the forest.

Once he finds out what has happened to his bride all bets are off. Wallace becomes a man who single handedly seeks his ultimate revenge not only on the man who killed his love but on the entire English kingdom.

Awesome action complimented with huge, no colossal fight scenes this movie caused everything after it to seriously step up it game! Braveheart is perfect! Mel Gibson was awesome as the actor/director of this classic. His vision of just how big to make this movie along with timeless storytelling techniques that combine for what is one of the best movies of all time.

A little long at first when you hear that it’s a few minutes shy of 3 hours but, well worth the investment in time.

Check out this classic on DVD today! No don’t just check it out, buy it! It will add perfectly to any real mans collection! (or woman’s.)

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