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2012, A CGI frenzy extravaganza




                        CHIWETEL EJIOFOR

                      WOODY HARRELSON

                      JIMI MISTRY


‘We were warned’, the tag line for 2012. Myths and theories of the end of days or Armageddon if you like, says that in December 2012 the world, as we know it will come to an end. Good thing this movie was released in 2009 or we may not have seen it. With a budget of $200 million dollars, this big budget film is a CGI frenzy extravaganza. Director Roland Emmerich is no stranger to these types of movies as we seen aliens trying to take over the world in ‘Independence Day’ and an ice age in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, it’s like disaster ideas just comes to Emmerich’s mind. 2012 has to be his biggest journey to date though as CGI takes over in this movie as it features in almost every scene. We see tsunamis, roads and cars falling through the earth’s core and once again Emmerich destroys the White House.


The story.

In 2009 chief of science in the White House Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) gets a call form science pal in India discovering that molecules from the sun are increasing the Earths core at a rapid speed. He makes this known at a G8 summit meeting in 2010, which gives great cause for concern. So very discreetly world leaders begin a secret classified project in China, constructing gigantic ships for a mere 400,000 people to save themselves form the end of the world. Not any old person can travel on these ships, only the one’s who can afford paying $1 billion per seat. The film follows a failed author Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) and his family on a camping trip were he meets what he thinks a delusional hippy radio broadcaster Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) who believes the proverbs that the world is coming to an end are true and Knows where these enormous ships are being built. Curtis decided to get his family and try a survive Armageddon through falling roads and bridges, earthquakes, plane crashes, volcano eruptions and other disasters with stunning special effects.


The verdict.

Yes, the CGI special effects are mind blowing and 2012 is an epic rollercoaster ride. For a disaster movie I think some of the characters, especially Harrelson turns this epic drama into a bit of a comedy, which left me skeptical. Cusack gave a solid performance, but the movie for me lacked emotion and charisma. The plot was predictable and from the start I was nearly sure who would live and who would die. Emmerich has changed the way films are made now which would make it hard to watch ‘Earthquake’ or ‘Volcano’ again without laughing at the effects. An enjoyable popcorn blockbuster, but at a little under 3 hours it out stays its welcome.

1 thought on “2012, A CGI frenzy extravaganza”

  1. I had a feeling about this. It just read too much Hollywood. We’ve seen it before with Armageddon, Indepedance Day, the Perfect Strom etc.. pretty good movies but not enough interesting plot and drama behind them to live up to all the incredible hype. I like Cusack and Harrelson but after hearing your review, I think I’ll pass on the movie ticket and wait for the dvd. good review, next time I’d like to read more opinion.

    Doesnt it suck when the movie is so predictable? lol

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