The Echelon Conspiracy


So basically think of the movie Eagle Eye and you have the basic plot for this action adventure. Starring Shane West and Vhing Rhames, this movie manages to pull through a semi-OK performance.

I think that my predilections for this film were decided when I recognized the almost identical story line to Eagle Eye-basically a government program gone awry. What happens is that people start receiving these high tech cell phones listing instructions. When people start benefiting from the advice; such as money tips, then the entity kills them. The NSA seeks to counteract this and sends in Agent Dave Grant (Vhing Rhames) to apprehend the current holder of one of these phones, Max Peterson. Seeking to take the offense Agent Grant’s boss procures a government agent as a double for Peterson, but he is quickly put out of commission, being smashed between two cars. “I want you agent Peterson”, says the machine and things pick up…

So I thought it was mildly exciting. My favorite part would have to be the shoot out in the apartment. It reminded me of some of the scenes from Leon the Professional; very raw action scenes with the granny picture quality during fight sequences with the orange sun light coming through the windows and lots of bullets. I was expecting more, but we just get a taste of the action. One thing that I detested about the filming was the superfluous use of slow-mo scenes. Where the protagonist turns to look back and they play the dramatic music and the thespian looks in despair. This scene was used so many times that it added a cheesy quality to the film and degraded the film.

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