Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy My in depth review of the film “Juno”

My in depth review of the film “Juno”

Mehhhhh, I know your thinking what kind of way is that to start a review but that’s honestly how this movie made me feel.

Falling somewhere in the category of MTVish drama and comedy mishmash, along the lines of Napoleon Dynamite, is this strange and quirky tale of an under aged girl that gets into a hill o beans. She managed to get herself pregnant. Now she must make the biggest decision of her short life. What to do with the baby.  

The film is well portrayed by a talented cast, and a surprisingly good job by the young female lead ,Ellen Page as Juno.
Juno is just some ho-hum , tag along, drifter role. Her Laissez-faire attitude and satirical sense of humor make everything feel kind of blahh, but to her, having no sense of direction or purpose in life is her crowning glory, as she tries to fit into the role of the enjoyable misfit.

Juno is that indefinable stranger that keeps hanging around but your not sure why. They pop in, and out, but they don’t really do much, so nobody pushes them away. Juno’s character is nothing new, in fact it gets really predictable and worn out faster than you can flip a hamburger.
With Juno representing a lot of impressionable teens who are all together confused, frustrated, and misguided, I have to ask is this really what happens to little girls who grow up without a Mother figure?
Her overwhelming lack of responsibility or guilt, weigh pretty heavily, especially when compared to Jenifer Garner’s character, who is pretty much the exact opposite.

What I hate about this film is that, with Juno nothing in life seems scared, special, or significant, it’s all merely a punch line or a slightly amusing coincidence. It’s annoying as all hell and you just want to shake her out of it. She just won’t grow up, perhaps it’s too early for her, but life has a way of always making you submit. So she’s forced with the dilemma of becoming mature enough to make her own decisions, but does she?

Towards the end of the film Juno works things out with her part time lover / full time friend, played by Michael Cera, and the future looks a little brighter for the both of them, but I still feel like this film handles responsibility all too carelessly.
How many teenage girls sit at home watching this, thinking they too can handle the woes of being a pregnant teen, and even an unwed, unemployed mother? Just like Juno, hopelessly optimistic about nothing. 

I will say this, the movie is honest and relatable, but at the same time incredibly disoriented and diminutive, not to mention a poor influence on pre teens.
The only redeeming qualities I find in the film are the words of the Father when he delivers a speech to his little June bug. “The best you can do is hope to find someone who loves you for who you are.” At last some words of wisdom, and maturity.

I think this is just one of those films that come along and try to define a generation or a small group of antisocialists, thinking it’s cool to be sarcastic, and get away with irresponsibility. Thumbs down.

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