Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action My in depth review of the film “Gone in 60 Seconds” 2000

My in depth review of the film “Gone in 60 Seconds” 2000

What is cool? Cool can be a lot of things or just one in particular. Fast cars, will always remain one of them, and the legions people that obsess over them shall never fade.  

Gone in 60 Seconds is a fast paced action flick that takes you on an unforgettable thrill ride. As Samuel Jackson once said, “Hold onto your butts.”You better do just that because it’s gonna get rough, so strap in tight. Gone 60 Seconds is a remake of the original film of the same name, but this time they’ve upped the ante as director Jerry Brukheimer takes control. 

The name of the game is car theft, or as the pros call it, GTA.
How many cars can you steal without getting caught and how fast can you do it? Now what if the stakes were as big as it gets? What if someone’s life was on the line? This is where legendary car thief and expert driver Memphis Raines steps in, played by the one and only actor / grease monkey Nicholas Cage. Cage takes on this role with full ambition, literally becoming the character and creating him from the ground up, making him into a smooth talking nice guy that loves his family and misses his friends, but piss him off and you’ll find yourself getting burned.

Cage’s two rivals in this movie are British scumbag and underground crime lord Raymond Calitri , and top cop, inspector Castelbeck, who is more than determined to put Memphis behind bars as the icing on the cake of his otherwise flawless career. However unlike Castelbeck, Calitri won’t allow the law or anyone else to get in his way, and he’s not above sending someone to their grave prematurely. In fact he’s just the type of villain you’ve been wanting to hate from the beginning and gives you every reason to do so.

There’s a lot of tension in the movie, with old relationships, and issues being brought to the surface that never seemed to be resolved. Everyone is excited when Memphis returns to town after a long absence, but soon the excitement turns into resentment, as old rivals appear looking to settle scores and payoff debts the hard way. In between all this tension, the characters still manage to make you laugh, with the exchange of witty dialogue and a few clever one liners.  

There’s such a unique and colorful cast, this movie really brings together young and old, new and old school car buffs into a strong brotherhood. Each character is easily identifiable and brings something special to the party. My favorite is the big stone faced bad ass they Call Sphinx, and who better to team him up with than the, short and flashy black man with a huge ego and an even bigger mouth. You really start to feel the chemistry between the pairings and how well each characters serves their purpose.

The real message of this movie is togetherness and how each person in your life helps your individual relationships, your brother, your best friend, your girlfriend, your mentor, everyone ties together so well and we see that even without one person, it’s easy to become separated.

We get to see some really nice cars in this film, making a total of 50 in all, but the highlight is the 1967 Shelby GT500 which Memphis affectionately calls Eleanor. Couldn’t he have picked a better sounding name then Old Lady Eleanor? I mean does anyone really think of the name Eleanor as a stunning beauty?

 The film has some very impressive stunts and driving, there’s action in every moment behind the wheel, the ending has a glorified and over the top adrenaline fueled chase scene. Speed a holics will definitely enjoy the ride, and demolition fans will also have a lot to cheer about, as this scene delivers some devastating crashes and close calls. The story and acting is nothing to sneeze at but, in terms of action based driving this has got to be one of the best movies ever made.

This movie has speed, thrill, danger, adrenaline, and style. Throw all these key ingredients into a blender top it off with a soundtrack by DMX and you come up with one hell of a nice mix. Like a sweet cocktail that lifts you off your feet, its sexy it’s sinful and it’s irresistibly satisfying, The cars are hot, the action is on fire, and Angelina Jolie is smokin.

Gone In 60 seconds is like a brand new hotrod with all the additions, you just wanna take it for a spin, sit back and glide.

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