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Death Race + Call of Duty + Crank+ The Truman Show = Gamer.So in that sense, basically things that we have seen before in to many movies.In 2034, mind-control technology has taken society by storm. Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall) has revolutionized the gaming industry with his invention of self-replicating nanites. In doing so People pay to control real life death row inmates in a game called “Slayers” If a inmate survives 30 sessions he gets released. Sound familiar thats because it is the exact same story line as “Death Race” which is a much better film then this. Gerrard Butler plays Kable a inmate who has survived 27 games in the beginning of the film and we follow him through out the movie.There to many things from this movie that we have seen before and for the things we have its not enough to save it. I did like the style in which it was filmed, very original unlike the story. It left you with to many “what ifs”.Michael C Hall who I love in “Dexter” puts on a less then satisfactory performance with a fake southern accent which he drops in and out of dialogue, and to make matters worse he puts on a both unlikely and unnecessary dance scene.There were lots of just grotesque scenes that were just unpleasant and I couldn’t think of much I really liked about this movie.

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  1. i like the way you summed the movie up, and yes it has been done before like dath race nd something like the condemmed with stone cold steve austin. to improve your reveiw maybe at paragraths and a bit more length. all in all pretty good

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