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Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Where’s the Respect?!)

Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus. Billy Connolly, Clifton Collins, Jr.

Director: Troy Duffy

Breakdown: First off, let me just say that it is near-about impossible to make a sequel that is better than the original , especially when the original was The Boondock Saints. The MacManus Brothers, though aged, are up to their same old ways in Troy Duffy’s next installment in the Boondock Saints Saga. The thing that I didn’t get from the critics is this: This movie got a 74 grade from a general website. Borat, the colossal piece of garbage that that was, got a 76. Now this may throw you off, but I personally think that this movie is one of the best of the year (though that is certainly not saying very much).

Plot: The MacManus Brothers are at it again, coming back to America from their hiatus in the home country. The reason? Well, only because a very helpful, community enthused Catholic Priest was murdered by an unknown man in the same fashion that they once used to assassinate the criminals of their day. As they go back to America, they meet up with Romeo, a mexican who follows, nay, worships, the brothers. As they proceed to fight crime like they used too, along with the help of three cops from the first movie, they realize that there is more to the murder than first assumed.

Best Aspects: The best aspects of this movie are the following: sweet-ass ending and great, great writing/directing. The ending is great to me personally because it is a classic “Holy-S#!t” ending, and I think that the writing on the part of the Duffy brothers was just as funny and action-packed with great sequences as the first.

Bottom Line: This movie was surprisingly good, and I believe that it has a bit of a “Matrix” effect, if I may say so. I say that because the first will always be the best, the second was quite good, and the third was somewhat good with an ending that they needed to make to end it all. The only thing that I hope that they do is two things: First, make the third movie epic, and not a movie that has an ending just to end the situation. Another solution: make a fourth movie in the series. It could only make money and give a proper ending. Two more things: First, Don’t wait ten years to make a sequel. For all we know, Reedus and Flanery will have as white of hair as Billy Connolly by 2019. Second, I’d say that this movie is a great theater movie. It is a good movie in general with great acting from great alumnus and newcomers to the series such as Reedus, Connolly, Flanery, Collins Jr., Bob Marley, Peter Fonda, Julie Benz, Rocco (in a memory), and Judd Nelson.

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