Watchmen,It’s not brilliant,but it is smart.

Finaly a DC superhero team that made it to the big screen.
Who are the Watchmen ,allow me to introduce DC’s answer to the Avengers, here is Night Owl, Rorschach, Ozymandias,the Comedian,the Silk Spectre, and of corse Dr. Manhattan who is, a giant hairless blue man. Suspend your imagination right there.  

They sure as hell aren’t the X-men, but who cares, they kick ass, when theyre not gettin busy with each other,that is don’t bring little Billy to this film.

So good superheros fight crime right? Isn’t that what these guys do? Well not “times they are a changin”.It appears the world doesn’t want superheros anymore.  But why? It all starts when Rorschach investigates the mysterious death of the Comedian.

Watchmen is a set in a world filled with Batman inspired tragedy and grittiness. It’s dark, sexual, and politicaly aware, deeply rooted with issues of opression, morality, and resposability, making it heavy between the lines. Violenece is rampant and explicit in detail, enough to satisfy the mature fan, and turn away the heads of any practical viewer. Reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Sin City and other shocking street tales, this movie relies on edgy and conroversial themes, like rape, murder, corrupted politics, and Nuclear Holocaust… This movie would make Superman cry like a baby.

The movie is quite long comparably to the graphic novel of critical acclaim, still some say not long enough as it leaves out a few details.It’s constantly filling in backstory and then returning to the present, using melodies to transition back and forth.  

Character development plays a large role, each member of the team seems to have their own unique perspective and agenda, as well as social hangups. Listening  to Rorschach shell out his own philosophy is enough to hook you into this cold-blooded crime drama. Somewhat of a tribute to the Humphrey Bogard type, Rorschach plays detective, narrating scene by scene in what makes up for a good bit of the film’s cult appeal.  

Great use of imagery as the costumes look, so darn cool, too cool for words and spectacular fight scenes with tremendous stunts will keep you entertained and leave you wanting more.  

Not since the Dark Knight have we seen this kind of awesome superhero cinema.  

“Who watches the Watchmen ? ” In this case we all do.