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My review of the film “Tyson”

The following are my thoughts on the movie ,”Tyson” a documentary film directed by James Toback, featuring a series of in depth, personal, one on one interviews with former boxing heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson.  

This movie is a very straight forward look into the life and times of  Iron Mike Tyson who was once considered the “badest man on the planet” and one of the absolute most controversial athletes in recent years. I believe this movie is going to change how people will look back at Tyson in years to come, not only as one of the best fighters to ever grace the ring, but a very troubled, yet determined man, instead of the public perception that maybe he was just a thug and ruffian who happened to get a lucky break with a great trainer.  

Very philosophical. This movie will make you reconsider not only what you think of Tyson, but what you think of yourself, and people in general. It’s so deep on so many levels it really gets to the root of what makes a human being unique and imperfect. I think people knew all along that Tyson had emotional and psychological insecurities but this really sheds light on what they were and why they existed.

All the things you will begin to consider while watching this have such an effect on your viewpoints, especially how you look at life. How life is so unfair a lot of the time. This movie presents a lot about being misunderstood. It’s sad and ugly at times but, there’s peace from the honesty it brings.
From his voice and his face, you really believe that Mike is being open and vulnerable and as honest as he possibly can be, he’s open about everything and it takes a special time in a person’s life to give that.

Psychologically it’s a very powerful and revealing film that you owe it to yourself to take a look at.Not just for boxing fans or sports fans. Tyson is very much a part of American culture and this film reflects some of the downfalls of that society. Tyson talks about boxing very flatteringly and sincerely, you won’t hear him bragging for 5 mins. straight, or making excuses, instead what you get is a man looking to tell his tale of tremendous, heartbreak, adversity, and  so much more.

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