Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy My review of the film “Year One”

My review of the film “Year One”

Hey guys I got an idea for a movie…ready? ……..Jack Black as Caveman!
Brilliant, shoot, cut, print, release.
No no really I’m sure a whole lot of thought was put into this. LOL

Year One, starring Jack Black and Michael is a character driven comedy set in the Stone Age.
I’m convinced that Jack Black can do it all, in the world of acting, even Shakespeare. I really like Jack, his improvisational skills are phenomenal, and he just has this crazy abstract mentality that people love. He’s a total wild card, a loose cannon, and master entertainer. With Jack anything goes and ya gotta love it.

Michael Cera on the other hand….ehh he has limited appeal but he is a good compliment to star opposite of Jack, whereas Jack is overblown and exciting, Michael is very low key and fragile, traits he has become the master of.: yet all of his roles are the same, and will continue to be the same, until he breaks the mold.

The story goes that Jack, is becoming a real outcast of his tribe, being the most reckless of  his fellow hunters , he goes and gets himself evicted from the village, and drags along his best buddy (Cera), who was also down on his luck as of late. The two of them go roaming the land, embarking on a journey that could change the course of history, or ruin it.
If your expecting “Year One” to be a dumbed down comedy well it is but , some parts will surprise you with its cleverness and creativity; adding some hilarious interpretation to events and characters from the bible, such as Cain and Able, Abraham and Isaac.
It really is full of guilt free laughs and sheer stupidity gone wonderfully right. Whatever happens, Jack makes it work. Think of this as an adventure to find destiny, purpose, and hot women. The laughs derive from the back and forth exchange of Black and Cera, also their reaction to a chain of events. Black always optimistic, while Cera always pessimistic and paranoid, makes for a nice mix. It’s really easy to laugh at cavemen because their so stupid, but you can’t help cheering for them as they try to climb their way up the evolutionary ladder with one leg and a blindfold.

If you like physical comedy, similar to the three stooges, this will definitely give you something to celebrate. So get a couple of your monkey friends together or homosapien ancestors and see for yourself.

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  1. I haven’t seen this one yet but think I’ll give it a shot after reading your review. Everyone else seems to have dogged it. (But they’re usually just snobs and wrong.) Thanks!

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