Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action My review of the film “Crank 2 High Voltage”

My review of the film “Crank 2 High Voltage”

Sick Sick Sick !

Wow somebody really knows how to go balls out over the top insane.
Crank 2 High Voltage is totally drug inspired, drug induced, psycho craziness. It really does aim to be the mother of all action adrenaline flicks and it probably comes damn close.

Jason Statham as Chev Chelios is the ultimate in your face, no-nonsense, kick ass, anti hero with a bad attitude, and way too much motivation. If you think you’re havin a bit of a bad day, this is the type of movie that vents all your frustrations and fires them back at the world, full blast. in the form of a flaming middle finger.This time Chev, is out to get his bloody hands on the bad guys that stole his heart, and left him with a makeshift replacement that he has to keep supercharged lest he drop dead. Talk about hotwired, just like a 57 Chevy, Jason’s heart is running on a V-8 and turbo charged for overdrive.
If rage and intensity is you thing, prepare to eat your heart out. Crank 2 really turns up the voltage and volume from the original. The cast is back for round 2 and they deliver quite well with the extremes. A bit of an oddball cast this time as Effen Ramirez has been added to the group, as the Native American warrior seeking revenge for his father’s death at the hands of the lead villain. As if that weren’t enough, to add insult or depth to his character he suffers from a severe case of full body turrets, which causes him to randomly spasm violently; quite absurd. But in this crime centered scandalous film, everyone is dirty and either full of greed, or vengeance

The action is certainly unprecedented.
There’s so much violent action its laughable, for the pure sake of entertainment, and unbeliveability, like when Chev instinctively picks up the disembodied head of his enemy and punts it into the ocean. The camera angels are out of this world, bizarre and deranged.

I think the cast, the crew, and the director really did what they set out to do and that is to stun, shock, and amaze the audience with hardcore explicit material to keep them talking even after they’ve left the theatre.
Just like some foods are better with a kick, and some people love jalapeño peppers and tabasco sauce, this movie is an acquired taste, one that’s not for the sensitive consumer.

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