Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama My review of the film “Adventureland”

My review of the film “Adventureland”

Adventureland PG-13

Oh boy another teen drama.
This type of movie has really worn out with me.

It’s good to see a few fresh new faces, like Jesse Eisenberg, and Martin Starr but Kristen Stewart is so blehh, Oh spare me your patheticness. I like that this film is set in 1987, and it uses some nice choices in songs from that time to transition form scene to scene, but having so much licensed music in a teen flick is cliché.

Adventureland is a story of a young boy who finds a summer job at a local theme park, trying to earn enough dollars for a college tuition, sound familiar yet? It starts out full of brightness and potential, then you start to realize its going in a different direct, one that is utterly predictable.; a boy meets girl sappy sorry romance, full of lies, betrayal, and ridiculous teen hormones.

Being a teen is really a strange and difficult experience. Sadly this movie reminds you too much about how you used to have dreams as a kid, then you watched them fall apart as you settled for that crummy dead end job and fell for the wrong someone. Who wants to relive that horror?

You would think a movie set in an amusement park would at least try to be a little bit funny, but not this film. It’s just awkward and draining.  What else could go wrong? How bout a little, no a lot of dry humor, and a slow falling in love montage? This type of movie is really weakening to the soul. This film demos how love comes and goes, like a thief in the night, sometimes stealing more than your virginity.

So many stereotypes so little time…What would a teen movie be without stereotypes? But alas, there’s no token black guy, no clumsy but loveable fat boy, no overly horny pencil neck geek; well, that one I could certainly do without.  The characters run the gamut of socially awkward, shy and sincere, abused and neglected, sleazy and self centered, shallow and naive.  ( All the makings of a classic soap opera. )

Adventureland is more like Dramaland or … Teenhormonal land …Gossipland
you get the point. Don’t waste your time, instead go see Zombieland.

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